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Colts @ Browns Game Day Thread, October 11, 2020, 4:25pm


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1 minute ago, PrincetonTiger said:

If Teller is out for a while it is not good for them

He is their Q. Probably worse than losing AC for us.

3 minutes ago, IinD said:

Okereke just having bad luck this year.

Just bad play.

3 minutes ago, chad72 said:

Picking on Okereke in pass coverage 

They've watched the film. Oke IIRC, gives up the highest QB rating when targeted. 

1 minute ago, Zoltan said:

Okereke is not playing great

Did they just pull him, or simply add Franklin.

nice play Blackmon!! 


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1 minute ago, coming on strong said:

kenny moore needs to play better he got faked out by obj runing left and right before the snap and ran the wrong way leaving him wide open

Having a very bad year. I thought it might be because of the earlier need to play him outside, but he just looks different this year. Could be the scheme changes. 

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So far, what we are seeing especially on pass D is the what happens in the Cover 2 scheme when Front 4 does nothing to speed up the Qb, too many holes open up in the zone and lot of these turn into easy pitch and catch plays.


On a positive note, run D remains strong.

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Same thing we experienced with Sam Darnold, cannot complete the sack or the pressure. That is why we were able to beat Foles and Trubisky would have given us more issues. We have enough game film to conclude that. Quarterbacks that move out of the pocket will give us issues and our zones will break down.

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