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23 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:


Could be but after taking two last year and having Mack I am not sure how big of a need RB really is.  


Regardless I think the Colts just got BPA from here on out.  I’d like to see them add a safety and olineman or two but not really worried about when.  


They really hit all their major needs in the second round.


i wouldn’t be shocked to see them add QB at some point to be groomed to take over the backup job if Jacoby moves on after this year.  

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I’d guess someone for the OLine....at this point you’re probably drafting for depth as they seem pretty well set for their starters, and the OLine could use some of that.  


I can see them taking a RB later in 5th rd or so, but don’t think they will do so this early. 

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Chauncey Gardener Johnson. but I imagine he is still there because of character concerns which would be a massive pity for such a talented player.


A player I really like is Renell Wren. Big athletic Nose Tackle that can rotate with Hunt.


Also Amani Hooker is still there.

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2 minutes ago, AZColt11 said:

Would love to see more picks for the OL and DL, but really BPA at this point other than QB.

With Jacoby being a free agent after this season you argue for taking a QB even.  Maybe not in round three but it could happen before the draft is over.

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33 minutes ago, dodsworth said:

Why the Doyle hate? The guy is a solid lunch pale kinda player? :scratch:

I think its time to upgrade. I got a bit tired of his fumbles. And hes starting to take some significant injuries. Id like somebody thats a bit more athletic. If Swoope didnt stay in the tub i would have looked at letting him take over, but thats not an option now.  I mentioned Irv Smith as an example. Somebody who can block and catch and is a plus athlete.

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10 hours ago, a06cc said:

What about the interior of the defensive line? 

 This. Competition for Stewart, Ridgeway or whoever they use at the UT spot. Somebody that gets some pressure up the middle and is a force against the run.

  Safety, RB, OT ? 


Here’s a pretty cool layout for who’s left

(click on Big Board to see who’s left)







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