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  1. It’s really odd they play Hou / TN 4 times over the course of 6 weeks in the 2nd half of the season.
  2. Surprised they didn’t trade back, but I like the pick.
  3. After reading though all the different opinions on all the different qb prospects....the only thing that anyone seems to agree on is that nobody the Colts draft will be a perfect fit. There will be plenty of discussion about the actual pick and who they should have picked over the next several months (if not years) and this should be a very interesting draft to watch.
  4. Breaking up is hard to do....but it’s past time to move on.
  5. icf

    Pick 34

    QB or WR at 34 (guessing WR since the top QBs will be gone) WR with the 2nd pick that round, if they take a QB prior....otherwise a CB or Kmet if he’s still there.
  6. Why? It’s not like they have an abundance of decent CBs on the roster
  7. Can’t be too upset about acquiring a young all pro DL. Would have liked a QB of the future in RD 1, but can’t be upset about the DL upgrade. Guessing they sign Rivers (for better or worse) and they will take a Wr in Rd 2 and maybe a QB if one happens to drop in their lap.
  8. Once Luck comes back, Tolzien will be released....and likely never play another NFL game again.
  9. Good -- one game closer to getting a new HC. Bad - pretty much everyone not named Tolzein Ugly - Tolzein
  10. If this season starts to go south quickly and Luck is out, I'd try to do him a favor and either trade him for a late round pick or release him so hopefully he can catch on with a contender. No reason to spend what will be one of your last NFL seasons on a crappy team.
  11. If he's leaving, he's likely not signing here....once they leave, it is rare for them to come back.
  12. they should have loss the last game of the year, that had no meaning other than determining draft order..... ;)
  13. no where to go but up.....I hope
  14. If, Grigson / Pagano return and the team continues to be inconsistent and mediocre -- fans need to revolt. Make the attendance drop...make the TV ratings drop...Show him concrete proof that the fans are fed up and had enough. If it is true that we could have had Gruden and Manning running this team instead of the current clowns....that speaks volumes to Irsay's ability to run this team and make it successful. Many years I planned my Saturdays around Notre Dame football and Sunday around the Colts --- this year, not so much....and while I still checked on the scores an
  15. looking forward to another 8-8 season thanks to some meaningless wins at the end of the year that only serve to worsen their draft position. A draft position that no matter where it's at Grigson would screw up. Grigson would have been my first choice to leave....now he lost out on Gruden, due to him??
  16. I didn't say off field problems...I said poor leadership off the field....referring to Grigson and Pagano.
  17. this ranks right above getting a new punter for 2017 on the list of things I'm worried about this offseason. Given the poor leadership off the field and all the onfield needs, this isn't even a blimp on the offseason radar.
  18. could have probably traded down again and still gotten him.....
  19. Given where they were prior to the pick, I have no issue with Kelly being the guy the chose. They cant keep getting luck killed out there with a terrible OLine. That said, if I were the GM -- I would have taken something other that a Round 1 WR last year -- so if you had taken an OLineman last year, the need might not have been so great for one last night and then you could have looked towards taking someone on D with the 18th pick.
  20. not the most exciting pick -- but when your OL is as bad as the Colts was last year -- it was the right pick to make. Hope he can be the C for many years to come.
  21. I'm much more optimistic about Pagano than Grigson. I think with the right pieces, Pagano would be a good coach. Grigson just seems like pretty much a disaster as a GM and I really wish Irsay had let him go. His FA's have mostly tanked....and using a 1st round pick on a WR last year was just dumb, given all the other things that could have helped them with that pick.
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