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  1. Not too shabby sir. Love Mims and Kmet. I think Hurts will be decent, but I'd rather have Gordon in the 4th. But Lewis would be pretty good really. Don't know enough about the other guys to comment.
  2. It aint gonna happen early, if at all. All but the Rivers signing addressed the defense. This tells me he's stocking up on offensive talent early in the draft. The re-signings don't count.
  3. I think a change will do him some good in this scenario.
  4. I see what you're saying. I just think their need at WR and TE countercedes their need at OL depth right now. I definitely see Ballard grabbing an OL or two in this draft, just not this high. He will want to get a big WR and/or TE in the 2nd round IMHO. But you could be right. Who knows what Ballard will ultimately do?
  5. It doesn't really matter to me. He was with a different team with different strengths and weaknesses to this team. A whole new ballgame now.
  6. Not a huge fan of this. Hurts is fine but not at 34. Like the Claypool and Weaver picks. The rest is meh for me. I've seen much better on this fan site.
  7. Well if he hits his bonuses that means he was doing something right and it's STILL cheap. As I've said before the only negative I can see is if he does play well you will either REALLY have to pay next year or lose him and replace again. But that's for next season.
  8. I think Rhodes will make a comeback working with his former coaches. And if he does, we will have gotten a steal. And if he doesn't and really is washed up? He's gone after this year and the Colts won't owe him a dime.
  9. Fanspeak, used Steve's board which was the most current, and on Difficult setting. Most of the big WR's I had targeted (Mims, Higgins, etc. were all gone). Not entirely happy but I addressed most of the needs and got the highly regarded Notre Dame duo of Claypool and Kmet. Feel free to flame away! (Disclaimer: I'm not really an NFL GM) 34: R2P2 WR CHASE CLAYPOOL NOTRE DAME 44: R2P12 TE COLE KMET NOTRE DAME 75: R3P11 OT TREY ADAMS WASHINGTON 122: R4P16 CB HARRISON HAND TEMPLE 160: R5P14 QB JAMES MORGAN FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL 193: R6P14 G TREMAYNE ANCHRUM CLEMSON 197: R6P18 EDGE TREVON HILL MIAMI
  10. Buckner has the same body type as Calais Campbell so no doubt in my mind he could play DE for us when needed. I agree with others that on passing downs he should be inside so we can add a 3rd pass rusher like Turay or Banogu. Makes sense.
  11. It's got to be the draft, and we now see this was CB's intention from the start. This draft appears to be one of the deepest in memory and teams will be able to get pretty good ones even in the 4th round. So I expect the Colts to draft one in the 2nd, and I'd be absolutely SHOCKED if they don't. This will be good enough to become WR2 in this offense, and will make a good compliment to Hilton. I would expect one with size, ie. Higgins, Mims, Claypool, Pittman, etc. to be the guy. They already have two smaller, speedsters in Hilton and Campbell. Pascal is bigger and this would be the compliment to that. It just makes sense to me that you go where the strength is in the draft and cover the weaker with FA. The DT's in this class are strong, so that makes the Buckner trade an outlier, but I don't believe Ballard had him targeted in any way. I think this opportunity just came along and Ballard thought it too good to pass up, and I would agree with him. I would also expect them to grab a TE and an OT.
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