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  1. I think with the offseason a lot of people are taking some time off from the forum. I don't post as much myself. But I'll start ramping it up come training camp time. I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat.
  2. I hope it's healthy, but for selfish reasons I hope it's a boy with a rocket arm who plays for the 'Shoe in about 22 years.
  3. Geathers is a better comparison, although he's no Bob Sanders. But both play roughly the same position, both are hard hitters, and both are oft injured.
  4. Hoping to add Campbell and Ya-Sin to this list next year. That would not suck.
  5. We are going to try like hell to get to Tampa in Dec.
  6. I wouldn't hold my breath on any Gerald McCoy signing in Indy.
  7. I would have to agree with the masses here and say it would be surprising if the Colts don't at least make the post-season, especially if Luck remains healthy. I don't think Brissett can guide them there for more than 2-3 games. I suppose if it's a December injury they could still make it, but not if before IMHO. It wouldn't even surprise me much if they made the Superbowl. I think they have that much going for them.
  8. I don't have a problem with these lists. They're all subjective anyway. As long as it is a good, solid argument. Now if he had say Ryan Tannehill or Josh Allen in there then I would retort. But his list is quite valid, and I don't think he was trying to slam anybody, Luck included. This is just his honest assessment of where things stand heading into 2019 and I can't refute it. It's up to Luck to play his way into his top 5. I personally think he is capable.
  9. I don't know about predictions, but I know this: You better get the Patriots playing on the road because that's about the only way you have a chance in hell of beating them in the playoffs, and even that is no guarantee.
  10. Ya never know. In 7-8 years when he's coming out Andrew will just about to be hanging the cleats up. But if he's anything like his uncles he will be a high pick. Will the Colts be in position to get him? I hope not.
  11. Moreover, Ballard is building this team for 5, 10 years down the road, not just this season. If he doesn't get that big, run-stuffing DT this season he knows he will soon and do it cheaper and younger. Stability over the long-haul is the key. I know everybody wants to go all-in for this year but that's not how it's going down. And they MAY just be good enough this year anyway.
  12. If they sign him I'll root for him and hope he is a good locker room guy. I just don't think they NEED him that much and they can roll that cap space into next season instead. He aint cheap.
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