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  1. Grab Cam and Allen Robinson in FA (no relation.......I think?), and trade up and put all chips on the table for your QB of the next decade+.
  2. Brady wouldn't have signed here. He likely would've pulled a McDaniels and backed out at the 11th hour. Hard no.
  3. Problem with Newman is he's sort of an unknown. We don't really have much to go on with him, moreso his rep. Jones we have plenty of video on.
  4. 1a. Watson 1b. Rodgers 2. Lawrence 3. Stafford 4. Lance 5. Wilson 6. Darnold 7. Fields 8. Jones 9. Rivers 10. Wentz EDIT: Forgot about Mac Jones
  5. Agreed. And much like the Texans and Watson, he's NOT going to land inside the division, and likely not inside the conference, which means an AFC team. What team would make more sense than the Colts?
  6. If they go the draft route, my hope would be to somehow land Wilson. If not him, then Lance. But doubtful Ballard will give up enough draft capital to make that happen.
  7. I would in a speed of light second. Or would that be longer? IDK.......in any case I'd dump Rivers for Stafford, like NOW.
  8. He's really good. Better than most think. He's played behind a cruddy team and his best WR retired like 3 years ago. Get that man some talent and a defense behind him and I believe youd see this team make a deep run. Superbowl? IDK but they could be knocking some teams out I believe. Have no idea what the cost would be though.
  9. Loved what he was able to bring. Never missed a game even with the injuries. Played better than I thought he would, although not a lot because I thought he still had something left. I knew his arm wasn't there but I thought he could be a little bit Peyton-like in that he could use his smarts and knowledge to will some completions. He did that. He was a leader. He seemed to be liked by his teammates. He won over a lot of people and was a CLEAR upgrade over Brissett last year. With that said, I think it's time for him to move on. The biggest reason? He's considering it. A
  10. I think the whole team played below expectations from the simple fact that too many mistakes were made. Many more than what the Bills had really. Even their one MAJOR one with the Allen fumble they managed to recover it. Imagine had the Colts managed to fall on that? Completely different game but they couldn't do it. That, along with other mistakes, cost them in the end. It wasn't just Taylor, it was the whole lot of'em. That said, if they hadn't been so busy with self-inflicted wounds I thought this team was the better team Saturday.
  11. If I thought the Colts could play well for an entire 4 quarters I'd pick them to win. But we haven't seen that much this year. I gotta pick the Bills here. Probably in the neighborhood of 31-23.
  12. Well predictions weren't so good overall, but I did get every single AFC playoff team in, including the top 2 seeds.
  13. Would be interesting to see a Brady-Rivers Superbowl, eh?
  14. Vikings 21 Saints 31 Buccaneers 35 Lions 20 49ers 22 Cardinals 24 Dolphins 38 Raiders 17 Giants 13 Ravens 33 Falcons 27 Chiefs 48 Panthers 20 Football Team 26 Browns 38 Jets 11 Bears 27 Jaguars 10 Bengals 28 Texans 34 Colts -7 Steelers 1,342 Broncos 30 Chargers 27 OT Eagles 24 Cowboys 36 Rams 23 Seahawks 20 OT Titans 34 Packers 37 Bills 26 Patriots 14
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