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  1. The more I think about this, the more I feel the Colts may try to trade back. Ballard said himself there are only about 8 players they would consider in the 1st, and my bet is most or all will be gone by 26. This is an overall weak class compared to last year except the DL. Hopefully get an extra 2nd out of the deal!
  2. I was not aware of Clark's past transgressions. It seems like there is a pattern of bad behavior that he hasn't learned from. I liked him as a player but I don't want to add that "flavor" to the locker room. Therefore, I am changing my stance on Clark. Pass.
  3. Clark is the guy I wanted the Colts to get/trade for. But it hasn't happened yet and I don't see it happening now that they have Houston. I see them accepting what they have and building further via the draft. But if it DID happen, I would be fairly excited. Young guy, plenty of talent, and whatever we pay him now will seem like small potatoes in a few years. But they would HAVE to work out a long-term deal prior to the trade. That would be a must.
  4. Yeah that sux. We had our stuff in our basement and we had a couple of floods. I somehow managed to seal my hat in a plastic bag before storing it and it never got touched.
  5. In Ballard I trust. If he thinks Lawrence, or any of those other guys are worthy of drafting 1st, then so be it. He's been pretty good in the early rounds so far so he has my confidence.
  6. As a former winner, I wish I could do it this year but we have been moving and I just haven't had time to properly analyze the prospects enough to make any educated guesses. Good luck to all and I will hopefully join you all next year!
  7. Being a lover of the lines, if we somehow got Lawrence AND Tillery, I might wet myself. Of course, this might hinder the needs on the back end, but so be it. I don't think that will happen anyway, but what a rotation up front they would have with those two! Then fat Dexter wouldn't have to worry about getting tired.
  8. It's funny you guys mention this stuff. My wife and I just finished moving this week and we were going through all the old stuff and I found my official Superbowl Champs hat and I got the SI Colts Superbowl DVD. Of course we're taking them with us. Sort of wish I'd have gotten the newspaper deal. The funny thing is we moved into that house in the fall right after they won it so that stuff has been untouched for a while.
  9. I don't know enough about the players themselves, so I went more position. I would not be very happy if we got a RB in the 1st unless it was a Saquon Barkley type MAYBE, and I don't see any of those this year. But no way in hell do we need a TE in the 1st round. If you wanna play with that in the 3rd on back, sure. But we will set ourselves back by taking a guy at a position of strength while our positions of weakness continue to suffer. I don't care how good the guy is supposed to be. I will advocate hitting both lines hard until they are fixed. From what Ballard has said he does too. I'm counting on him.
  10. I'd take Simmons at 26. If healthy, he's top 10. He may be, we would just have to wait to find out. If not him, then I think Lawrence or Wilkins would make me pretty happy. I STILL believe you build via the lines first, and I think Ballard does too. He took the OL in the first round last year. I think this year he goes the other side.
  11. Simmons is gonna be a beast if that ACL heals up. Someone is going to get good value, but it might not be in 2019.
  12. Bill Tobin doesn't say "Who in the hell is Mel Kiper?" That's all I got.
  13. I REALLY don't want to give up either of our 2nd rounders. I think there will be a TON of value in that range and the Colts are sitting pretty there. But I would not object to giving up a 3rd rounder to move up several spots if the player they like is sitting there.
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