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  1. AZColt11

    Who is the team to beat in our division?

    I think if Watson had come to the Texans 3-4 years ago, they would be the total package right now and the team to beat. But that defense has taken some losses and Watt has been consistently dinged up. I think we've likely seen his best days at this point. The Titans are strong in some areas but can be exploited in others. The Colts are a team building their roster young, but they still have Luck, and with Luck they have a chance. IMHO he is still the best QB in this division and that accounts for a lot. The Jags don't really have many weaknesses. They have been drafting high for so long that it's finally starting to pay off for them. They are weak at QB and now WR, but that's really about it. If they can find good QB in the offseason, they may win the Superbowl. And that defense scares the heck outta me. This is the type of team that is built to make a run in the post season IMHO.
  2. AZColt11

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    I think Nelson getting beaten on a few plays is the best thing that could happen to him early in his career. If we all know it, you KNOW he knows it too and that no doubt got pointed out to him in the film room I'm sure. Good for him to get beaten a few times and know he needs to be on point rather than to have everything go well for him and him thinking he's got this thing down already. He will only get better from here and this game film will provide some motivation, not that he even needed it to begin with.
  3. AZColt11

    Jalen Ramsey Comments...

    To me, this is normal. Top guys, both offensive and defensive, have talked like this for a while now. He's just one * in a long line over the years. It means JACK SQUAT as to what's really going on IMHO. In fact, I'll go on record and say he's no better at trash talking than some that came before him. He's just average.
  4. AZColt11

    Predict the 2018 NFL MVP

    I would like to think another position type player has a chance, but it's usually a QB so I would have to go with Rodgers.
  5. AZColt11

    Any traction for Khalil Mack?

    I don't know why Oakland/Las Vegas would want to do this. I also would be highly surprised if Ballard would pull the trigger on something like this. With that said, I would be VERY happy if they did.
  6. AZColt11

    Stephen Holder leaving the IndyStar

    Welp.......I can't hardly blame him on that one. Likely a pay raise I'm sure.
  7. AZColt11

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    Nelson is fine. I think he will be one of the least of the Colts problems this year.
  8. AZColt11

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    You can do what you want but I think it's still a little early to call someone a bust when they are just entering their 2nd training camp. Reggie Wayne was a "bust" this time in his career too. I remember people saying we should try to trade him for whatever we could get. Worked out pretty well in the end. Let's give it a little more time.
  9. AZColt11


    I'm more wait-and-see on Cain at this point. We've had other late round guys look great in training camp and not really produce much. I hope people are right about him though. This team needs a #2 WR to step out of the crowd.
  10. I wanted Chubb first, but my 2nd choice was always Nelson. Chubb was gone and so, for me, no-brainer. Glad the Colts saw the same thing. I'm still not certain that, when it's all said and done, Nelson won't be the better of the two. I just felt like we needed some pass-rush more. But we definitely need OL help as well, no doubt. In fact, I won't complain if we take another OL high in the draft next year.
  11. AZColt11

    Jordan Wilkins: Colts camp sleeper?

    I like him and I haven't even seen him yet. His game tape sold me.
  12. AZColt11

    Colts sign T J’Marcus Webb

    Camp body. Likely nothing more.
  13. AZColt11

    Colts Training Camp 7/28/18

    I think they hope Austin Howard works out there once healthy. he has a lot of starts at that position on other teams. We shall see.
  14. Well that's just the thing though. Turbin isn't going to play for the first 4 games, Mack only has one injury-plagued season under his belt, the other two are rookies. Maybe they feel like a little more experience would be good?
  15. Wouldn't be a bad get this late. He average a healthy 4.4 last year behind a very suspect OL in NYC.