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  1. I don't think the season was a TOTAL waste. I mean Luck hid a lot of deficiencies. With him gone the team was able to see where they need help and where they're OK. The defense, for as young as it is, actually played fairly well most of the season. I think they'll be fine there, but the DL is going to need some help. Houston is your best DL and he aint getting any younger. I'd like to see them add both a RG and RT. Another TE would help so EE can walk. But by FAR I think the biggest need is a WR......or two. Then take the best kicker available somewhere after round 4. And IMHO, I know some will disagree, but I don't think Jacoby is the long-term answer. The team was sort of hamstrung this year with Luck's surprise retirement and the timing. But I think they also know Jacoby is solid but is not going to get you to the promised land. I think a guy like Tua can be had where the Colts will be drafting. He may be as good as any other QB coming out, and there won't be much in FA. Those are the positions I'd aid if I were in charge.
  2. Tua might be there without having to trade up. Might be just as good as any other option out there. Certainly won't be much to choose from in FA. I used to be against the "mobile" QB. Until this year. Guys are dominating the league right now. I'd cover all bases on that hip first though.
  3. I've been touting 2020 as "the year" for a while now. I might be a year too early, but in watching the league this year one thing has struck me: there aren't any truly "elite" teams out there. Yes some are better than others, but IMHO the difference between the top and the bottom isn't as great as it used to be. The Colts are clearly among the average teams, so I think with another shrewd draft (and that Skins round 2 pick sure looks good!) and a couple of impact FA's, I think this team can contend next year. And Mr. Brady isn't going to be around much longer either.
  4. I'm confused. This is akin to saying Peyton Manning threw an incompletion or Jerry Rice dropped a pass. It happens to everybody from time to time. These guys aren't robots. They aren't perfect.
  5. We should run it like 35 times. 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Old time football.
  6. Colts in a defensive struggle, 12-10.
  7. I like it and hope to see more of it. I think we should try to get our best 3 LB's on the field together, which they are obviously doing, and make our defense that much more stout. Leonard, Walker, and Okereke is a pretty good combo IMHO.
  8. FWIW, here are some from the Week 1 rankings: Bears #6 Steelers #8 Chargers #10 Vikings #12 Packers #14 Panthers #18 Colts #19 Bills #23 Niners #24 (bwahahaha!) They aint in stone.
  9. I have NO idea how to judge this. I have enough trouble trying to keep up with the game, LOL
  10. In response to the OP, yes I am for THIS year. But I don't think this is a Superbowl year for the Colts. Could be, but I don't think they are better than the Pats. So for THIS year, I'm comfortable with it. If they were that close, then yeah you go get that one player you feel will put you over the top. Perhaps next season will be that year, but not 2019.
  11. Nope. Had it for like a day when I just purchased my new home in July. Thought maybe I had paid a tad too much for it. Then I slept in it, woke up in it, then entertained some friends in it. That feeling went away quickly. Ya-sin is a rookie. Not possible yet.
  12. Anybody got a screen shot of this? I completely missed it.
  13. Change in game plan. One of the announcers even said today he was surprised the Colts weren't running more and I would expect the Texans were too. Next time I would not be surprised if they try to run it more just to change it up. When you play a team twice a year it is wise to mix things up.
  14. Jacoby is playing well but I'm even more excited at the overall well-roundedness of the team. Not too many weaknesses to be found right now.
  15. Oh c'mon people! Have some fun. 1-0 is for the TEAM. I don't play for the Colts and neither do any of you. Live a little. If the scenario doesn't happen the sun will still come up. They're in better shape than I would have thought the night AL retired.
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