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  1. I'm fine with the draft. Not blown away, nor do I feel it's Ballard's best job thus far, but I'm fine with it. He addressed a glaring need at pass-rush and did it twice. Whether you agree with how he did it will be up for debate. Hell, there's still Colts fans that don't like the addition of Buckner, so you simply can't please everybody. But I like the roster and think the defense got better. The offense? They will go as far as Wentz can take them. That, to me, is the biggest gamble of the off-season. Ballard is trusting Reich here.
  2. Not from what I found. In fact, most I saw had Paye ranked slightly higher. It wasn't much of a difference, but it was what it was. Both were pretty close really. NFL Network had Paye as one of their steals of Round 1.
  3. I like what Carolina and Cleveland did. A lot.
  4. Not only that, but if you look at just overall best player available, most had Paye ranked higher than Darrisaw, so he was just doing what he should, take the BPA that fills a need.
  5. IDK about Fisher BUT I think some people forget that the Draft is NOT the end of the free agency period. Some think that the post-draft and UFA roster is what you will get on opening day and that simply isn't the case. Wave 2 of vet FA starts TODAY as teams assess what they have post-draft and many players will be let go, some highly surprising. It happens every year and I see no reason why this year will be any different despite the slight increase in roster size. Someone will be out there at LT should the Colts choose to explore that option, and one of them could very well be a vet like Fisher. Stay tuned, things are JUST NOW getting interesting. (Although I would like to see them sign a LT, I would RATHER see them use the available cap space to re-up Leonard and Smith now to soften the blow of Nelson's 2nd contract down the line)
  6. There's some validity to that. I think those who wanted Edge first (myself included) would have been upset they went LT first and not been able to get anybody of notice to address the pass rush problem, and then there's others who are upset we addressed the pass-rush problem but were then unable to get a premier guy at LT. We didn't have two 1st rounders so somebody is going to be upset no matter what he does. Even if he takes the best LT in the 2nd round people are going to say he should have taken XYZ in the 1st and taken ZYX in the 2nd instead. Bottom line, not enough high picks to address everything you want to address at once. My guess was he felt the value at DE was higher at that point than it was at LT. Period.
  7. Sorry I haven't been around much. Didn't even get a mock out this year. So this will be long. As for the draft, I'm giving it a B. I don't hate it, but I don't think it looks like his best draft either. Of course we will see. I LOVE the first two picks of Paye and O. Think his achilles is coming along from what I've heard and he may be available by mid-season. Hopefully, he's a fast healer a la Blackmon. But it looks like he can play inside or outside, and versatility is a good thing. Edge was, IMHO, our top need (although I realize many will say OT, but with what else we have on the OL and the way we were able to play without Castonzo in the playoff game, I'm not convinced). It was no more evident than the playoff game where we let Josh Allen have his way back there and it cost us. I'm still hoping we come to terms with Houston because he is at least a solid vet. But I LOVE the two prospects we got here. Paye was arguably the best edge rusher in this draft, which I believe is an overall weak edge draft compared to recent years, but he was arguably the best there was. Now if you want to say Ballard should have obtained one in FA rather than spending a pick on a weak draft, I'll listen. But as far as the draft, this was the best they could've gotten at 21. I don't know if he's a 3-down player right away, but he's at the very least a pass rush specialist at the start. Grade: A O. was highly coveted and could have come out last year. According to our head of personnel, he would have been a 1st rounder had he done so. Then the injury hit and he slid down many teams' boards in a world where instant impact is nearly paramount to save your job. I highly doubt Ballard selects him if he wouldn't have already gotten Paye. It would have been too much of a gamble. But by getting Paye already Ballard was able to pull it off, and it just may pay large dividends down the road. The scout also said the Rams were ready to pounce on him 3 picks later. Two impressive prospects to improve one of the top two needs in the draft. Grade: B+ I believe the 4th is where the Colts wanted to select on the of the OT's but as you know there were 2 or 3 good ones that went just before they picked, so IMHO they didn't feel anybody left was worth the selection there. So they go Granson at TE, who was highly productive (and a good story). I guess he's not much of a blocker, but that has never bothered Reich in his system as that isn't what they ask TE's to do. He had a really bad game with drops, but otherwise that whole narrative was highly overblown. He's a good player and should help the Colts TE room immediately. Grade A- Next, we got Davis at safety. I thought for sure the Colts would be looking at CB rather than safety, but nonetheless Davis was productive and has range. He's also not shy about making contact. Tackling needs to improve however. Sounds to me like a more physical Hooker. Not a position of need in terms of a starter, but depth is always good. Grade: B The next round is sort of the head-scratcher for most, and I'm no different. Yes, you generally need at least 3 QB's heading into the season, but with the addition of Wentz and already having Eason on the roster, this pick seemed more luxury than need at this spot. The only reason I could possibly see for this pick here is that perhaps the front office doesn't see a future for Eason here? Maybe he is Eason's replacement? IDK. Nobody has seen him take a pro snap yet due to the pandemic, so it's tough to evaluate him. But in any case you certainly would have liked to see the best OT or CB available taken here instead, and left your 3rd QB spot to a UFA to fill (Jamie Newman anybody?). But he is certainly athletic and can do more than just throw a football. The only reason I won't give it an F is because we have no idea what his plans are for him. Taysom Hill maybe? Grade: D I love Strachan's size and speed and his hands and wingspan are HUGE. My only question is if he's "all that" why wasn't he higher up on everyone's board? Is it because he played at Div. II? Is it something else like injury history? Is it a combo of all that? In either case, he's undoubtedly an intriguing prospect and the last 2 rounds are where you take your gambles and nobody can fault you for it. This is no doubt a gamble, but it sure looks like an intriguing one. If it works out, Ballard is a genius. If not, nobody remembers it. My bet is on Ballard here. Grade: A- Fries is an enigma to me. When you watch tape he acquitted himself quite well against top-level competition in the Big Ten like our own Paye and last year's DROY Young. And he has played all but center so he is versatile. So then why was he not a top half of the draft prospect? I think some of drafting is "future prospect" and I get the feeling that many think he's already near the top of his ceiling, which is solid but not elite. He's not going to get your QB killed but he's not going to keep him clean either and that's probably not going to get much better at the next level. I don't think the Colts are expecting him to win the starting job, but depth is never a bad thing and, again, he's versatile so.....This has the feel of a "break glass in case of injury at guard or tackle" pick to me. Grade: B- So again, solid B to me. I think we've got 2 - 3 potential starters here. The only pick I don't love is Ehlinger and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. Nothing against the player, just in terms of need and draft position. I'm on board with everything else, even though I think they could have taken a CB somewhere. They are putting an AWFUL lot of confidence in Ya Sin again. As always, we shall see, but Ballard has proven often that he's pretty good at this.
  8. I don't know what to think. I have zero inclination on what the Colts might do.
  9. Well Robinson and Godwin are out, my top 2 WR's. Golladay would be my next choice and he's available but I'm not holding my breath. Ballard has typically been conservative. I think the trade for Buckner was the unicorn. I could see him going after a guy like Kendrick Bourne, Curtis Samuel, Demarcus Robinson, etc. Somebody who is young and has some upside but relatively cheap and isn't going to move the needle among the general Colts fan. I COULD see him spending a bit more at Edge though. A guy like Okwara or Dupree would be nice and won't be cheap. I think they will bring TY back if he doesn't sign elsewhere. I believe they could get a really good CB and LT in the draft. Of course these are just my unprofessional thoughts and unconnected to anybody in the organization. This could all be poppycock by next week.
  10. I think the draft is the best place to find a good LT at #21. I'd start there. Darrisaw maybe? Then I think if you just made a trade for your future QB, you'd better not only protect him, you'd better have some weapons for him. So I'd spend the majority of any remaining FA dollars on a WR or TE. Maybe a higher-priced guy like Godwin, Robinson, or Golladay. Seems like Godwin may make the most sense with what TB has down there. Next I'd look at a 2nd-tier Edge. A guy like Dupree makes sense since the Steelers are in cap hell. Even if they get rid of Big Ben they still have issues. I'd like a bigger name but don't know if we'd have the cap space. The #1 FA I'm looking to retain is Rhodes. They absolutely cannot afford to lose him or else add that just behind LT as one of the top needs. If they do, then they gotta bring a guy in but I'm not sure who would be affordable. If Peterson would fit in the cap I'd like to have him. Now, I'm not a capologist so I have no idea if this is even feasable. But if we have nearly $50M available I'm sure Ballard is savvy enough to get this accomplished.
  11. The easy answer is BPA. But I would be very surprised if they didn't get the best LT available, likely one of the top 3 guys.
  12. I'd go money on him being back with the Eagles. I don't think anybody really wants him that bad or else he'd already be dealt.
  13. Yeah hopefully this nonsense will calm down soon. People are bored. When people are bored they look to stir #$%^ up.
  14. ( 8 ) Andy Dalton ( 4 ) Mitch Trubisky ( 3 ) Jameis Winston ( 10 ) Marcus Mariota ( 9 ) Jacoby Brissett ( 1 ) Teddy Bridgewater ( 5 ) Gardner Minshew ( 2 ) Ryan Fitzpatrick ( 6) Nick Foles ( 7 ) Cam Newton
  15. Grab Cam and Allen Robinson in FA (no relation.......I think?), and trade up and put all chips on the table for your QB of the next decade+.
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