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  1. I've got other, unanswerable topics going through my mind on the daily like how infinite are the cosmos, whether or not there's other life forms out there, and if so, could they get here? Etc. Whether or not Luck is coming back is not one of'em.
  2. Not.........gunna.........happen.
  3. Sadly I agree with you. But one look at what is just starting to happen with baseball right now and it becomes clear: the full NFL season is in jeopardy. At any rate, not worried about TY yet. Season is still a full month+ away.
  4. Eason simply because we don't know his capabilities as of yet.
  5. Yep. I'm not convinced or even hopeful they finish this season. But if they do, this year will be a war of attrition moreso than ever.
  6. DeFo, that was his nickname in SF.
  7. I think realistically 29 is too low (toward the negative), but I get it, he's "only" a guard, and SOME of the ranking has to do with positional value, length of career, popularity among associates, etc. He's the best at his position and the highest ranked guard ever on the list I believe, so that should tell you where they value guards in this league. However, on PURE "how good are you at your job compared to the rest of the players in the NFL?" he should probably be around 10th or so. I truly feel that way. Glad he's playing for the Colts.
  8. No argument there. So the question is.......is it all worth the risk? Some players apparently feel it isn't.
  9. Yep. Baseball is already starting to run into problems and it's been, what, a week? The NFL will soon find this out. Bottom line: No bubble, no control of what happens. The NBA is thus far getting this thing right.
  10. I don't think they should be allowing any fans. I like what the NBA is doing with the quarantine bubble, no fans, regular testing, etc. It's working. What the MLB and NFL are trying to do is not sustainable right now in this COVID environment. I will be absolutely stunned if they are able to finish their seasons quite frankly.
  11. Heck I thought it was on Tuesday. I'm behind as usual.
  12. That may be true but it won't be the Colts' problem in a vacuum. It will be happening to all other 31 teams as well. This means either players around the league will be signing for less money or else they will sit. Again, not just a Colts problem. That's why the cap works and sports like baseball are falling behind. There is cap parity which = fan interest around the league and not just in a few big cities. What affects one team in regards to the cap affects all. Baseball needs to take a hard look in the mirror because if you aren't a fan of a team in a large market with deeper pockets your chances of winning anything meaningful are slim. In fact, KC is the only non-large market team to win it all since 2011.
  13. There's one in every crowd. But let's say this: Let's say he isn't even top 5 (which I don't believe). Let's say he's just the best guy the Colts have right now. People would roast Ballard if he weren't trying to improve the roster right? So how are you going to get him, or a similar player like him, here? Offer him half what another team would have? Yeah, cause players are just dying to go to Indy. The truth is you HAVE to overpay in FA to win the bid. It's mandatory or else you don't get FA's. That's just the price of doing business.
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