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  1. For me, some of the luster has worn off the Reich throne. However, I'm certainly not asking for his head or whatnot. I would just like to see him a little more prepared to start a game. There is NO WAY this team should fall behind 21-0 to a very mediocre Cincy team at home. None. Kudos to them for figuring things out and getting them back, but that start was horrid and that falls on the HC. As far as Rivers, not worried. He will likely be gone after this year IMHO. I simply can't see him wanting to play another year. I could be wrong. Hilton is most likely gone
  2. I wouldn't be too disappointed. There are several factors here, not the least of which him being thrust into the starting role 1st half of Game 1. But he is a rook, which means he's a work in progress. Heck even Blackmon, who everybody is slobbering over, is still a work in progress. We just don't have a large enough body of work to say he is going to be _____. I agree, he is missing some yards out there. But as I stated above, I think some of that is he is just trying to establish a rhythm, find cohesion with his OL and the QB, remembering the playbook, etc. I think he is just trying t
  3. Agreed. And safety looks to be one of the strengths of the team right now. So much so that we may not even bring back a first round pick from just a few years ago. Blackmon has been a (I say this cautiously) revelation thus far.
  4. I'm not worried about Kenny, no matter what the numbers might say. I think he'll be fine. Still the best slot in the league IMHO. Rock, as East said, had the illness which probably didn't help him. I'm still in wait-and-see mode with him. Rhodes I think is going to be boom or bust by design. He is physical and very gifted, maybe to a fault. I think he uses those traits to play aggressive and sometimes it will pay off like in the Jets game and sometimes it will not like in the Jags game. I think he's been mostly good to this point though.
  5. One word: Red Zone! OK that's two but so what.
  6. I like that idea! I will take it a step further (odds used Westgate Superbook as of Thurs @ 6:20pm): Buffalo -12.5 Cle/Cin OVER 50.5 Arizona +3.5 KC -9.5 Bears/Rams UNDER 45
  7. Best wishes to the happy couple.
  8. Giants 10 Eagles 24 Panthers 17 Saints 33 Bills 44 Jets 13 Browns 36 Bengals 28 Cowboys 13 Football Team 20 Packers 37 Texans 31 Lions 27 Falcons 29 Steelers 20 Titans 16 Seahawks 30 Cardinals 27 OT Chiefs 24 Broncos 14 Jaguars 23 Chargers 27 49ers 23 Patriots 20 Buccaneers 31 Raiders 28 Bears 18 Rams 17
  9. He's been solid if unspectacular. I had a feeling if he got back with some of his former coaches they would coach him up, and it looks like that is happening. Is he a Pro Bowler? Probably not. But he's been better than most expected. It was a big gamble by Ballard and so far it is paying off.
  10. WR #2 (or #1???) was lost for the season in the 1st quarter. WR #1 has been doubled. WR #3 has been out the last few games. So now we're relying on Paschal and a WR that was called up in Johnson. wth did you expect? Most of the problems have been injury related, not so much talent related. Guys can't help if they aren't playing. Sure, you can try to go get a guy, but that will likely entail giving up a draft pick and this GM has been pretty brilliant at finding guys in the mid to late rounds who can help. Then when guys get healthy you have to let someone go. I wouldn't be
  11. He looks fine. I'm not worried about him. Sure, at times it looks like he could zig when maybe there's a big hole if he zags, but otherwise he is performing well. I think he's just trying to get himself established and create some rhythm with his OL and QB. Once he gets more experience and more comfortable I have no doubt that elite vision will come and he'll break off some long ones when he gets into high gear like he did at Whiskey. But his tough inside running and yac are already next level IMHO.
  12. I don't know if he's #2, or 3 or whatever. I'm just glad we got'em.
  13. He needs more snaps. I like his potential though. Still geeked to see Turay as well.
  14. It's not nearly as hard to get in as it used to be when I was a kid. I don't think there's even a question if Rivers gets in or not. When you stack his numbers up with others and the longevity he's had, he's getting in. The question for me is how long does he have to wait? I doubt he's a 1st ballot guy. I could see him having to wait 3-5 years to make it. But he's getting in IMHO.
  15. I would rather get a guy that is going to be cheap for the next several years than have to pay a guy big bucks that hasn't proven anything yet. Having said that, Darnold would likely be an upgrade.
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