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  1. I don't understand these rankings. From my eyes Kelly has been pretty darned good.
  2. I'm not a big jersey wearing guy. Used to when I was younger back when we won the Superbowl, but I don't now. Just wear team oriented stuff. But IF I were to buy my next jersey it would no doubt be #56. Guy is just a monster, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.
  3. The game plan was just laid in KC. Colts would be wise to re-enact that plan. KC and Houston are somewhat similar teams. So if we can do it in KC, we should be able to do it vs. Houston.
  4. I don't need PFF rankings to tell me that I hope Kelly and Nelson are teammates here for the next 10 years. Both are great, but together they are dominant..
  5. No matter where, I think it's in our best interest to continue to add to this OL. It is obviously helping the rest of the team, and it will help Brissett and the RB's find room to operate and control the clock. And adding Nelson, who I was in favor of after Chubb, has completely changed the complexion of this unit. Imagine adding another Nelson (if that player is even out there) to this unit! I'm ALL IN on adding another kick-* fatty to this already rising group.
  6. The sun came up too......hey I didn't expect a win but I also didn't look at this game as the season being over. I look at the schedule after the bye and see opportunity. This win only enhances that opportunity IMHO. Feel a lot better being 3-2 at the break than 2-3.
  7. If you've seen any video of the locker room after the game you can tell how much that win meant. Looked like a post-season win in there. That win can do a lot for the team going forward IMHO. We shall see.
  8. Some folks complain too much. Depth is a great thing to have. We don't need to get rid of anybody, Geathers included, because people get hurt all the time. Enjoy the depth we seem to have now because we NEED it.
  9. It's looking like top 3 right now to me. We will see but I'm guessing it will have been well worth it wherever we draft.
  10. Officiating was awful, and I had to restrain myself from throwing my remote a few times, but Colts won in spite of it so I'm not going to waste anymore time on it. Movin on.
  11. Very disappointing, especially with Sheard coming back. Didn't notice much blitzing yesterday. That might have been good to try since they were carving us up regardless.
  12. 6, We also need to find a number 2 option behind TY. That killed us today. That was supposed to be Funchess, but he too is out. It is too much to expect rookies to pick up all that slack. It seems we are missing some of our key pieces at the moment. Hopefully we can get through KC unscathed and get some guys back after the bye.
  13. IDK folks. The entire conference is 2-2 (or so it seems), including the whole AFC South, and only 3 teams have winning records (Pats, Chiefs, Bills). Yes, we may run into a buzz saw in KC next week, but this entire season so far has been unpredictable. I half joked to my son before the game that wouldn't it be weird if we lost to the Raiders and then won in KC? Who knows? The schedule is not that daunting after the bye. They started 1-5 last season. To quote the Rev. Jesse Jackson: "You nevah know".
  14. Let's just go 1-0......sorry, I couldn't resist.
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