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  1. Would have to concur. I don't think we're early 2000's Patriots yet, or even like 1999. I think we maybe be closer to the '97 or '98 Pats team. Still a few years off from being dynastic, but building that inner core and with good leadership.
  2. CB: "Hello David! This is Chris Ballard. How ya doin?" DC: "Hey Chris! Good to hear from you. What's up?" CB: "Hey I heard you were shoppin Jalen and I was just curious what ballpark we're talkin here. What do you need in return?" DC: "Well, right now we're looking for 2 1st rounders and maybe a <click>……….Chris? You still there? Chris? Hello?"
  3. I wouldn't have done it, but I admire his cohones and glad it worked out.
  4. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here, but I will say that I feel a lot better about the teams' prospects for the year than I did about 2 weeks ago when our starter retired.
  5. Double E, 6-yard strike.
  6. Part of it might be my fault, IDK. I posted in another thread on the Colts part of the forum about wanting to sign RW. Of course, I had forgotten that he just signed that big extension and I was looking at Sportrac's 2020 FA QB list and they apparently hadn't updated it yet because RW was still listed. My bad. Jacoby is still listed though. Carry on.
  7. The Pats doing Pats things. Bet they knew it would happen all along. I think Brown orchestrated the whole thing. If I were the Raiders I would have kept him and sat his butt down and tried to look for a trade and at LEAST get like a 3rd or 4th round pick out of him, if not then in the off-season. Instead, they just let him walk and the Pats pick him up for nothing. Now he'll likely be a ProBowler, get a ring, and then the Pats will release him and get a comp pick. Again, Pats doing Pats things. GOD I hate them.
  8. My bad. I was looking at Sporttrac and they apparently hadn't updated their system yet. Wilson re-signed a long-term deal.
  9. I'll be there...………...in spirit.
  10. I see another slow start. But as we saw last season it won't mean all that much.
  11. I don't know why. Coverage was actually good there. Just a good throw and a better catch really. IDK if the Colts will win, but I think it's competitive. I just think the Bolts will have a little too much. Bolts 24-20.
  12. Yeah my bad. I was looking at Sporttrac and they apparently hadn't updated their info yet. Sorry folks.
  13. Brandt forgot Rodgers on the TD list in his first several seasons. Rodgers had 174 so Andy is #3 on that one. Still, not a bust. Career was just mismanaged by an inept GM.
  14. He walked away when he didn't want to play anymore. Do you want a guy on your team that isn't 100% in? I don't, which is why I wouldn't ever take him back even if he wanted to come back. Once you're waffling in your head you're done IMHO. He's done. Because it didn't happen on YOUR timeline is no reason to take offense. I would not want a guy that is there playing and just collecting a paycheck.
  15. I say draft one of those top QB's AND try to get a vet. Russell Wilson will be a FA. Does he want out of Seattle? Maybe. Will he be expensive? Yes. Will the Colts have plenty of money? Yes. Throw it out there. He's only 30 and is pretty good.
  16. Are they gonna win the Superbowl? No. But then there was no guarantee of that with Luck anyway. Brissett managed to guide them to 4 wins despite arriving to town just before the season started, Pagano as HC, and no OL in front of him. I figure each of those details is worth another win. I'll say 7-9 seems feasible.
  17. Of course. Colts fan FIRST. Players come, players go. The 'Shoe remains and I will probably be watching from the grave.
  18. I think with the offseason a lot of people are taking some time off from the forum. I don't post as much myself. But I'll start ramping it up come training camp time. I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat.
  19. I hope it's healthy, but for selfish reasons I hope it's a boy with a rocket arm who plays for the 'Shoe in about 22 years.
  20. Geathers is a better comparison, although he's no Bob Sanders. But both play roughly the same position, both are hard hitters, and both are oft injured.
  21. Hoping to add Campbell and Ya-Sin to this list next year. That would not suck.
  22. We are going to try like hell to get to Tampa in Dec.
  23. I wouldn't hold my breath on any Gerald McCoy signing in Indy.
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