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  1. Oh I knew. I shook my Magic 8-Ball before the season started.
  2. He plays like a young guy that is trying to figure it out in the NFL.....inconsistent. I need more time to make a judgment on Rock.
  3. Colts will not win. Colts will not lose. Take it to the bank.
  4. This defense isn't dominant. But they don't need to be if the offense is able to help out. If they can be top10, or 10th best, that should be good enough and WAY better than what we're used to seeing around here. Baby steps.
  5. News flash: Colts aren't perfect. Neither is any other AFC team. The only thing that matters is for them to finish in the top 7 and be playing well near the end of the season. Then you see what happens in a single-elim tourney.
  6. I was meh about it on draft night. Didn't hate it, didn't love it. Just meh. He's been anything but meh thus far. He's been outstanding. Just be careful folks: I remember some saying Hooker was looking pretty good too until he started getting injured. Let's just enjoy the job he has done so far without putting too much on the kid's future.
  7. I don't know how to post a gif but if I did it would probably look something like a mule pulling an old-time plow through a muddy field circa 1845.
  8. He was good enough today. Really only a couple of throws I had a problem with: the INT and the overthrow of Johnson for the TD. Other than that, he was legit today. The defense let the team down in the first half, then got their crap together thankfully.
  9. If I had to pick today, I'd probably lean toward trying to move up for Lance. Am I as sold on him as Lawrence? Of course not. We don't have much to go on and he isn't really playing this year save 1 game. But I like his potential, more so than Love who a lot of people liked in the last draft. He has a gun for an arm and can run. There's no way anybody is prying the #1 pick away this year, and I think Lance might be the 2nd best QB coming out. Plus he'll be cheap for at least 4, maybe 5 year$$$$$ unlike one of the vets. But luckily, nobody has to decide anything yet.
  10. I'm gonna say Seahawks. They're on the bye this week, and I like their matchup with the Cardinals and 49'ers after that. I think the Steelers COULD take the Titans. I think the Packers COULD go down this week at the Bucs. I think the Titans COULD get the Steelers, but I'm going with the Ravens getting them the following week.
  11. Texans 20 Titans 34 Ravens 20 Eagles 23 OT Falcons 16 Vikings 33 Bengals 23 Colts 27 Browns 27 Steelers 28 Lions 37 Jaguars 27 Bears 19 Panthers 16 Football Team 18 Giants 26 Broncos 13 Patriots 31 (same as before) Jets 17 Dolphins 34 Packers 34 Buccaneers 38 Rams 33 49ers 9 Chiefs 26 Bills 24 Cardinals 27 Cowboys 23
  12. Thanks! Although I wish I were wrong on the Brownies. Thanks! Although I wish I were wrong on the Brownies.
  13. Same. I think Ballard's silence about Rivers tells me what I need to know. I think Ballard has two plans this off-season: 1) Sign the many impending FA's this team has 2) Find and fix the QB position That is really the most glaring need on this team, followed by another WR/TE.
  14. same. We'll see what happens tonight. But I took the Titans so that should jinx'em.
  15. Fair enough. We see it different ways. It's a discussion board. What's new? LOL
  16. Is there a dog wearing the cone of shame gif out there somewhere?
  17. I think anything is possible this year. It's a weird year with COVID, having to reschedule games, and probably not done with that either. Injuries have been heavy all around. I still have doubts the entire season will be played, at least not under the typical time schedule. Maybe if they delay it some weeks. But I just look around and I don't see a team that doesn't have some glaring weaknesses. The Chief's weakness showed up today. And it could again. I just think if the Colts get serious and correct some problems they have a decent schedule and as good of a chance to make some noise
  18. 8-3 so far. Wanted to take the Bears but just couldn't do it. The others I have no excuse for. Would have taken them 9 out of 10 times.
  19. To be fair, their entire secondary has been DECIMATED. Doesn't mean they were top-notch anyway, but some of those guys were signed off the street to play. I highly doubt this firing is all due to this season. They were likely looking for a reason and 0-5 will do it. But I think this has been brewing since the Superbowl meltdown vs. the Pats IMHO.
  20. I get it. But they're aren't scoring points East. IDK if it's all Rivers, not saying it is. Lord knows the play-calling is frustrating at times and the run blocking hasn't been what we saw last year. But I don't see the arm strength on the throws. They hover. To me, it's like he's trying to fit passes in where in years past he may have been able to. Now, they can't get there in time. It's COSTLY. So what if you can drive it 60 yards if you throw the INT or have to settle for the FG so many times? I'm not saying Rivers can't be a game-manager. But didn't we just have that with Brisse
  21. I would say they are a legit top 10 defense. I do NOT think they are THE top defense in the NFL right now. But I think this game proves they can limit the damage against a very good offense. They really already proved that vs. the Vikings IMHO. But I think they would benefit from a more aggressive scheme (a la Pittsburgh). I think they now have the horses up front and the athletes to pull it off. Yet we keep getting turnovers. Can you imagine if this defense was aggressive? It would be awesome. I would not be surprised at all if this defense ends up top 10 in yards, points, and takeaw
  22. Bengals W Lions W Ravens W Titans W Packers W Titans W Texans W Raiders W Texans W Steelers W Jaguars W So 14-2. Why not? ***If this offense improves. If not, 10-6.
  23. Exactly. Were they flawless? Of course not. They gave up 20 points in the first half and 23 for the game. I was hoping for a shutout. But the reality is they just played one of the best scoring offenses in the NFL and held them considerably under their average coming in (31 ppg). And their players get paid too. This defense I could roll with. I would like to see them more aggressive though. Imagine the turnovers they could get if they were?
  24. Fair enough. I think in a round about way we're thinking the same things, just saying it in different ways. For the record though, I'm not saying the run defense was great. It was OK. It was good enough to win save the last drive. That was disappointing. Then again, you can't be flawless. You have to have some help in there somewhere. And I don't think the scheme/playcalling on D is doing them any favors as you said. I too think this D is better when they are aggressive. They have the studs to be that way now yet we are still running it like the "old" Colts D, which I think is a mist
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