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  1. As with pretty much all drafts, 24 hours later the grade needs to be incomplete....for all teams. Some no names will be stars and some 1st round guys will be busts. Campbell should contribute from game one....the rest, it's really hard to say.
  2. I'll say that I don't really know enough to make a very educated opinion on most of the guys they took. I don't 100% love it right now....but don't hate it either. Small schools and raw players mean they could be superstars.....or out of the league in a few years. So this 2nd round could be looked back in a few seasons as an incredible draft class (like last year), a total flop or somewhere in between.... but it will likely take a couple of years to find out which it is.
  3. icf

    What's Next?

    I’d guess someone for the OLine....at this point you’re probably drafting for depth as they seem pretty well set for their starters, and the OLine could use some of that. I can see them taking a RB later in 5th rd or so, but don’t think they will do so this early.
  4. I don’t see how any Colts fan could be upset over what Wayne said....I thought it was hilarious.
  5. Didn't read all 8 pages, but not a fan of the trade. It seems he moved back way to far, to only pick up a 2nd rd pick next year that "could be" 33 or it could be in the 60s....but most likely somewhere in between. If he had gotten next years #1 or an extra #3/#4 this year I'd been more of a fan....or if he had only moved down 5-10 spots this year to get the 2nd I'd be more of a fan of the trade. I loved the trade from 3 to 6 last year....but on the surface it almost seems like he made a trade just for the sake of making one. We won't know for at least a year if this was a good, bad or so-so trade.....
  6. Nice signing. Should help the D next year and no long term contract to worry about.
  7. As it stands today, the team is not (IMO) any better than they were in Jan. They've resigned their own and replaced (as of now) Grant/Inman with Funchess. At best they are about equal with last season. Now....if they draft well (harder without the #6 pick and subsequent early picks each round) and finally open the check book to bring in some better talent they should be better this upcoming season as they've not lost anyone of any real consequence either. That's a long way of saying it's March 16th....talk to me in a couple of months.
  8. Apparently they are since Jay Ajayi is coming in for a visit.
  9. Wow. The Browns aren’t pushovers any more.....
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