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  1. It’s really odd they play Hou / TN 4 times over the course of 6 weeks in the 2nd half of the season.
  2. Surprised they didn’t trade back, but I like the pick.
  3. After reading though all the different opinions on all the different qb prospects....the only thing that anyone seems to agree on is that nobody the Colts draft will be a perfect fit. There will be plenty of discussion about the actual pick and who they should have picked over the next several months (if not years) and this should be a very interesting draft to watch.
  4. Breaking up is hard to do....but it’s past time to move on.
  5. icf

    Pick 34

    QB or WR at 34 (guessing WR since the top QBs will be gone) WR with the 2nd pick that round, if they take a QB prior....otherwise a CB or Kmet if he’s still there.
  6. Why? It’s not like they have an abundance of decent CBs on the roster
  7. Can’t be too upset about acquiring a young all pro DL. Would have liked a QB of the future in RD 1, but can’t be upset about the DL upgrade. Guessing they sign Rivers (for better or worse) and they will take a Wr in Rd 2 and maybe a QB if one happens to drop in their lap.
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