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  1. icf

    Andrew Lucks' Arm

    At this point, Luck is probably the least of the problems facing the colts.
  2. icf

    Lenzy Pipkins claimed by Lions

    oh well, I'm sure that surplus of DB's the Colts have will be able to replace him..... ;)
  3. icf

    Who in the hell wants to go 8-8?

    IMO, I agree with the OP. If you're not making the playoffs, finishing with a record that gets you a top 3 pick is much better when it comes to building for the future then finishing with a mid 1st rd pick and missing the playoffs. I don't expect the players to want to tank/lose these games....especially when many wont even be around in a year or 2. They play for today and should always give 100% as they are playing for future paychecks. However -- as a fan, if you aren't making the playoffs....I'd rather see you lose a couple of meaningless late season games and go 5-11 vs winning them and finishing 7-9.
  4. Same here -- I figured best case they would be 2-3 at this point. I expected most likely somewhere between 5-7 wins for the season....and that still seems likely.
  5. icf

    Colts need a WR!!

    If your WR group sucks due to a 6th rd rookie pick getting injured....your WR group wasn't that good to begin with.
  6. If your plan is to not sign any significant FA's and you want to build via the draft -- it would help if you draft a whole lot better than the Colts did in 2017....not much to show for their 2nd/3rd/4th rd picks.
  7. icf

    Colts Final Injury Report @ Patriots

    Yikes...just start Brissett. Luck may get killed with that likely OLine.
  8. This will likely work out really well for NE -- or he will really * off the coaches / Brady and be released within a few weeks. There was no way the Colts were going to go after him.
  9. I don't know if that was the actual offer, but if it were I'd have taken it in a heart beat...…. I love Luck, but man they could have filled a whole lot of holes will all those picks.
  10. icf

    9-7 this year bet your savings on it

    Much more likely to be 7-9 then 9-7...…. Even 7 wins is likely optimistic....especially since 1-4 to start is now a real possibility.
  11. icf

    Bengals score predictions.

    Cincy wins 24-20
  12. icf

    The Path to 53 (Colts Roster Cuts Thread)

    Dumb move to dump Simon....oh well, maybe they can draft a stud DE with their top 3 pick next April.
  13. They should be looking at pretty much every position except for: QB, K/P and TE this team has a lot of holes that they should be looking to fill.
  14. icf

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    Guessing lots of people thought the same thing a year ago....how’d that work out?
  15. icf

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    Wake me when he actually throws a football....he's been close before and after 18 months, I don't care if he's close....just that he can actually do it at an NFL QB level.