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  1. Hopefully the new wrinkle is a QB actually being able to pass the ball to a WR. That would be amazing.
  2. we can only hope....or at least his last season with the Colts.
  3. Everyone reaches the stage when it’s time to retire. He needs to realize this is his time.
  4. This isn't a question that can be answered 12 hours after Luck's announcement and 2 weeks before the first game. At this point, It's Jacoby Brissett's team. He likely isn't the same QB we saw play 2 years ago. He's had time to learn the offense a lot more and will hopefully be able to excel now. If not, I'm guessing Kelly will get a shot by mid-season. If Luck had retired in April...you likely would have seen a QB taken in Rd 2/3. But for now, you roll with Brissett and / or Kelly and if the season goes south, you take a QB very very early next April.
  5. Total d-move to do this to the team and fans 2 weeks before opening day.
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