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Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football Game Thread

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I predicted 48 16 win before game started for the Pats.  I am not sure we score hahah.  I just knew a blow out was coming with all our injuries.  Ballard first order of business next year.....get two O tackles.  U watch Luck over the first years of his career and I doubt any qb does wat he did with the talent he has been  given.  And I am including all the past and present qbs

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Hi, Colts fans and Blue Shoe Nation!   Our 1-3 Indianapolis Colts are in Foxborough, Massachusetts to play the 2-2 New England Patriots,  as both teams lead off Week 5 of the 2018 NFL regular season.

we get the Jets..Buffalo and Oakland.....   '''the path to 4-4' is there!!!!

Sooooo......most people predicted the Colts would get handled being so short handed...then lose more players....then get mad when Colts are getting handled.

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2 minutes ago, Colt Overseas said:


Lol its 1.40am here in Europe. I'm pulling an all nighter to watch this game.. may need to re-assess this decision


I just left work early to sit up and watch this. Don’t think i’ll nod off, the pain is too much. Still can’t unders how Ebron dropped that...oh wait, it’s Ebron

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4 minutes ago, rockywoj said:

Not if you’re the Pats, it’s not.


This is the first game that I've been able to watch this year, so this isn't me being sarcastic.  This is an honest question.  Is that the kind of tackle that has been called as a penalty in other games?  Because it sure looked like landing on the QB with your full body weight to me.  I'm just trying to understand the new rule.

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