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Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football Game Thread


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Just now, oldunclemark said:

And we don't have a lot out there at full strength.....the hurry up just smoked us

Yeah that was like a scrimmage drive by them.


Don't want to imagine when our guys are gassed in the 4th 

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I guess easier said than done ... on defense do nothing else other than tight man coverage on Edelman and Gronkowski, as in, your job, do NOT leave them. Shadow the, at all times. Before the very first play of that drive, I’m yelling “Cover Edelman!”


I fear this will be uuuuuugly.  

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Just now, LJpalmbeacher2 said:

Nice D Eberfus.... Can't stop or even slow down short passes I can complete!


Yeah, with all that talent the Colts have on defense tonight and playing that scrub Brady, it's hard to believe the Colts are not dominating.


Also, you give yourself too much credit on your ability to complete passes in the NFL.

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