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  1. Hmm just checking in been gone for a while. Oh nope not much has changed Back to Colts Reddit.
  2. If Luck plays like he did last week and the O-line blocks we win this game. Our D did enough to win. I’m a giant Luck homer but today I saw a better QB on the other team.
  3. Lol, Yeah and if grandma had nuts she’s be grandpa.
  4. Keep him away from this team. We are no longer the soft doughy Colts. Why would you want him in any capacity?
  5. Yes we did but that’s normal. We are a middle of the road team that has the potential to light it up on offense. Still rebuilding just Andrew gives us more hope than we deserve.
  6. No, they are not great. They need to improve in the secondary. We looked good because the Jags ran it with a 2nd string RB and Kessler did just enough. They win by more with Fournette. Tampa two is bad. Kessler looked good today with all the cushion our DBs we’re giving.
  7. He played bad today so yeah some of it is on him but Costonzo and Boehm were trash along with Reich’s playcalling.
  8. The hit stopped his forward momentum by rule it’s in bounds. It was the right call.
  9. Great play by Ramsey. He hit him so hard it knocked him out of bounds backwards. I have no issues with the call.
  10. Yes but it’s natural. I’m still excited for next year we will get better.
  11. Costanzo and Boehm where the weak links today on the oline. Some other played not great but those two stood out.
  12. Pump the brakes Nancy. I said MVP nothing about trading him.
  13. All the Luck MVP conversation needs to stop after today. Kessler is looking better. You have no idea how much I hate typing that.
  14. We don’t look like a playoff team. Houston and Dallas are going to kill us.
  15. O-line has regressed today. Also why did Inman stop and turn around.
  16. Offense will put up Star Wars numbers defense will lose or almost lose is the game. I don’t like that our Offense has to be perfect.
  17. Hooker has me worried. He has been on the injury report all year.
  18. Leonard looking like a rookie today. Need a game changing play from him.
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