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  1. If he falls into the 16-21 area I'd trade up and get him
  2. lance_m8

    Tampa 2

    I love how well this D can shut down the run game and force 3rd and longs and if the team needs 10 they only allow 8 or 9 but Mahomes will light this zone up what do you think we switch up?
  3. home team always gets a 3 point favorite so really its KC -2
  4. IMHO Luck didnt lose us this game he actually got us in FG territory 4 times and we turned it over on downs 3 times thats 12 points Reich looked like me on madden going for it on every 4th down
  5. When we had the ball on our 2nd to last drive the one luck was sacked on like 4th and 2 I think a FG there was a good option knowing you have 3 timeouts the 2 minute warning and a defense playing well and in hindsight we got the ball back Luck drove us down the field again if we got 3 the drive before all we need is another to go to OT. Thoughts?
  6. We won! Game was sloppy to end the half wilkins coughs the ball up again but all around was a fun game playoffs are in sight. Luck is a BEAST!
  7. 3-5 is okay but 4-4 could change our season drastically we haven't even got to play the jags or titans yet those are the money games this team will be insane in a year or 2
  8. I agree it's just hard when you have Hines that is fast and can catch the ball very well Wilkins could easily be a #1 back him and Hines could be a deadly combo Mack needs to watch out his job isn't safe
  9. He isn't a good runner which hurts our run game but he is a huge part of our pass game
  10. The pick that goes on Lucks stat line that Pascal just threw it up in the air will that ever get changed to go against the receiver and not on the QB I feel bad for QBs when those plays happen
  11. Stat wise he did but had a few drops that he has to clean up can't complain
  12. Wilkins is the answer to that but Hines is too valuable in the passing game to take him out Wilkins could avg 75 yards a game easy but idk how I feel about him out of the backfield but nonetheless he is our best runner
  13. And look what he has done 2 straight weeks he is a monster he had 2 picks today but 1 was not on him
  14. I love these positive posts this team has 3 winnable games to get to 4-4 this team has fight this season has been super fun boy did I miss 12 under center we need a reciever bad that's it and a RT
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