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  1. Aluckiswolverine

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    We have 3 capable backs on the roster without Turbin. Two are rookies but this is probably the most talented backfield Luck has ever had. I think this coaching staff will show us how good these guys can be.
  2. Aluckiswolverine

    Anthony Castonzo

    He had a better year last season than previous seasons. His previous seasons were mediocre to bad so I think the criticism was warranted. Hopefully he continues to build from last year.
  3. Aluckiswolverine

    The list of Colts potentials that never panned out

    Oh man Mike Hart and Roy Hall... so many legendary threads back in the day about those two.
  4. There seems to be a huge disconnect here. Chuck was garbage as a head coach, like really bad (my opinion). He also seems like a decent human being who happened to beat Cancer. People on this forum can’t seem to seperate the two. Chuck had cancer and he seems like a nice guy. You can still suck at your job and be called out on it. Being a nice guy and suffering from a horrible disease doesn’t give you a free pass in my book. I’m glad he beat cancer because F cancer. Just my opinion, really bothers me when I see the usual “classy” Colts fans shred someone else’s opinion because maybe some fans think Chuck was a trash head coach.
  5. Aluckiswolverine

    Richie Incognito back on the market

    If Ballard thinks he makes the team better then yes. Don’t care that he bullied another grown man.
  6. Aluckiswolverine

    Culture Change

    I’m not a fan of Pagano think he was a really bad coach. With that said it was clearly a dig at him and the prior staff. We as as fans have no idea what it was like to play for the last regime. Maybe the team showed up during the bye weak for Irsay and not Pags. I’m not crazy about the comment but does not bother me if he uses it as moviation to ball out this year.
  7. Aluckiswolverine

    Earl Grey

    I don’t care if he drags his junk across someone’s face mask as long as he is keeping Andrew clean in the pocket or opening up run lanes. If some people see that as unsportsmanlike that’s ok with me. Classless Colts? Doesn’t bother me because it’s football and words don’t hurt. I’ve been a Colts fan a long time and finesse team is what I’m used to being called. To me that is the worst thing this team can be called. Go Colts!!!
  8. Aluckiswolverine

    Earl Grey

    We are all in agreement if it gets flagged he should stop. But if it doesn’t and he’s just a mean nasty guy he needs to continue to play that way.
  9. Aluckiswolverine


    I don’t know if this has been posted yet if it has then mods please delete. Good article that tells us a little more about our new left guard.
  10. Aluckiswolverine

    Earl Grey

    I swear this fan base . If it’s legal who cares. We have wanted a nasty dominant player on the offensive line for as long as I can remember. Colts finally get one and he’s too nasty/mean/not classy? People wonder why we get the finess label. I hope people hate playing against us because of our O-line.
  11. Aluckiswolverine

    right tackle

    Nelson is a left guard he isn’t playing RG. You put your best o-lineman in his natural position.
  12. Aluckiswolverine

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    What has Henry Anderson done do warrant something more than a 7th rounder? I like they guy but he was a shell of his rookie season. Colts fans tend to overate their own players. He was a bad fit in the 4-3 and was probably going to be cut.
  13. I think Ballard trades back if he’s there at 6 to the Bears for a plethora of picks. So zero chance.
  14. Aluckiswolverine

    Cowboys release Dez Bryant

    I think Ballards past has shown he is not afraid to take on “problem” players. I think if the money is fair or in favor of the Colts. I don’t see how anyone besides the “classy” Colts fans could be against this.
  15. Aluckiswolverine

    Cowboys release Dez Bryant

    Yeah that’s cool brother, I just know this guy gets a bad rap for his attitude and his sideline antics. He and Jason Witten do the exact same thing but no one questions Jason Witten.