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    • Campbell was hurt the whole year last year.  The rookie this year played only 2 games.     Campbell looked pretty good in the one game.  There is a lot of context Mitch.  We had JACOBY BRISSETT as QB last year.     Your stat analysis is pretty primitive if you don't recoginze that being injured for over half the season and having a non NFL type starter as QB is going to effect production negatively, as in Campbell's case.   Now if you know something that could have predicted his injury last year then you would have a nice argument.  But right now as Luck would have it (pun intended) we have not gotten much data on Campbell.  Boy he looked pretty good running those crossing routes earlier though.   The last two rookies haven't been on the field enought to analyze them statistically.  There are other things to criticize, but looking at just bottom line numbers is a bit ridiculous.     And I am not saying they are the right choices.  
    • I always hated the “no success” in the post season as a reason for not being elite.  Post season success is a team issue.    06 - First year of playing.  LT was having a MVP season.  Little was expected of Rivers.  Multiple stupid penalties, a fumbled INT, and a missed FG essentially lost that   07 - He played on a torn ACL against a 16-0 patriots team.  Can’t really expect anything spectacular    08 - Team was 8-8.  They weren’t expected to win the super bowl.  He threw 3 TD in the loss to Steelers, but defense and special teams sucked   09 - lost by 3.  Kaeding missed 3 FG.  He did throw a costly INT that lead to 7 points, but game was still winnable.    13 - played pretty good, but vanilla ground and pound playcalling ruined game.  Had a chance to come back at the end but classic Chargers allowed Manning to convert a 3rd and 18 to seal the game   18 - threw 3 TDs, but the defense got absolutely shredded by patriots.     not saying he played the best he’s ever played in these games.  But he didn’t play horrible in any of them.  His lack of post season success isn’t from him crumbling in playoffs.  It was just Chargers being Chargers. 
    • No that’s no what he was alluding too. He didn’t have confidence in his ability to return from injury. He was worried if he didn’t return to form he would lose his job. That article what the article was about. No one wants to bring up the fact Luck messed up his own shoulder. Your reply make no sense. Also no one unless your African American wants to give JB the respect he deserves. I honestly believe that. If anyone quotes me, reply with something negative I know where you stand.
    • If you look around the league throughout the years, very few receivers produce much as rookies.     Claypool has produced the last couple of weeks for an excellent passing offense with key guys out.     YOu are premature if you are thinking you are anyone knows that we "Should have" drafted Claypool over pittman.  I am not saying it isn't going to rurn out to be accurate, but you and no one else has any idea whether it is true in the future.    
    • Right now 2 rookies are in the top 7 for receiving yards with approximately 500 yards each. 5 rookies are in the top 45 in receiving yards. Right now the Colts have 73 yards from their rookie.    Last year there were 5 rookies with more than 700 yards. The Colts got 127 yards from their rookie.   Given where the Colts players were drafted is it unreasonable to expect more? 
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