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Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

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Hi, Colts fans!    Our 1-2 Colts are back in  Downtown Indianapolis after playing their two road games at the Redskins and Eagles, as they host the winless and 0-3 Houston Texans in the Colts first AF

It was the right decision. This is the NFL. A team doesn’t play for ties


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34 minutes ago, SteelCityColt said:


See I can get this, the roster isn’t good. We knew this before the season started. Throw in Luck coming back after so long out and what did people expect?


When posters lose their mind because it plays out how you’d expect that it gets old.


”Pathetic” “Trash” etc. Well, what did you think it would look like? Add in injuries on top to the few good pieces we do have...


As bad as it sounds if they had Doyle, Cain, AC and Mack the offense probably wouldn’t look the same.  It would most likely be infinitely better.  We have no tackles, limited running game, injuries galore to key players, players that can’t catch.  Add in a rusty Luck and that’s why they look the way they do.  There would probably be no comparison if this O was 100%.

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3 minutes ago, SteelCityColt said:


They run the recycling unions.



If Rick and Morty taught me anything it is that squirrels pretty much run the world, but if they know that you know this they will turn on you.  Do not give any indication that you know!!!!

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