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6 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

I couldn't care less about  Bill Belichick. If you want to be obsessed with him, feel free.

lol@ you


Far from obsessed, but I advocate putting pressure on with your offense, and given a back to back opportunity, to me that is an opportunity passed up ... in the name of fear / playing scared.  

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    • Personally I have a little more faith in Minshew if it boiled down to him starting.  Think what you may but don't bet the farm on getting a top 5 pick.  Just saying 
    • Some men might think he’s hot!?! I don’t. LOL
    • Also, I was very curious to see how the early analysts were projecting this class at the end of the 2021 season to see how widely things have changed. Found this super interesting.   On May 4, 2022 Dane Brugler put out his super early mock draft for 2023 before this recent 2022 season was played. Super interesting to see much of this has not changed a whole lot. (I also like Brugler and think his opinions are some of the better ones amongst analysts, which is why I tried to see if he had said anything)   His top 10 (posting in case people can't access the article on The Athletic):   1. CJ Stroud 2. Bryce Young 3. Will Anderson 4. Kelee Ringo 5. Will Levis 6. Jalen Carter 7. Tyler Van * 8. Jaxon Smith-Njigba 9. Bryan Bresee 10. Michael Mayer   Outside of Ringo, you could argue that the top-6 has not changed a whole heck of a lot.   Why is this important if at all? Mainly because these NFL teams scout these guys for years. They aren't just looking at them now for the first time.    Also interesting, in his post-2021 and pre-2022 future draft rankings for 2022 Brugler had the QBs ranked as the following (with their best asset listed):   1. CJ Stroud- touch and anticipation 2. Bryce Young- Poise and processing 3. Will Levis- NFL level tools 4. Tanner McKee- Ball placement 5. Anthony Richardson- Rare physical profile     Sound familiar?  All these things are stillllllll the same. Especially amongst the big 4 QBs.   So I, for one, am not going to go down the path of hating on Levis if he is the choice. He may be my 3rd option, but he has the goods and is worthy of the 1.04 if the staff thinks they can work with him and unlock his potential and make him even more consistent.      https://theathletic.com/3290071/2022/05/03/nfl-mock-draft-2023/     https://theathletic.com/3415147/2022/07/12/nfl-draft-2023-qb-scouting/
    • Making up a boogie man out of thin air i see! Analysis paralysis. Quarterback coaches exist for a reason to help out with identifying pressures and navigating the pocket. So basically we would just tank the whole season bc you feel like(not confirmed in the least bit) Stroud would have problems with pressure so we can be in position to have the #1 pick. And once in position what happens when you find out a new stat about the QB in 24 you dont like? Do we tank again? How many times you want to do that? All this bc of your unconfirmed fears and concerns? Last generational QB we had what did that get us? Not even 1 Super Bowl.   You cant hang your whole hat on that. Chasing the mythical Golden Goose. Sometimes you have to take a guy as he is with all his positive attributes, and whatever needs work you get down in the trenches with him to bring that weak part up to par. Being very honest the tanking proposal itself has desperation all over it, but then you chide somebody else about picking a QB due to desperation? You'd really need to do a whale of a job explaining how picking Stroud represents an act of desperation. Youve made a problem out of something you dont even know will be a real issue.
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