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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • The Colts identity is that this is Ballards team. When you think Colts you think Chris Ballard. Everyone knows who Ballard is. That makes our identity all about Ballard. until this team becomes elite in its play, this teams identity will be off the field. 
    • That's almost throwing away a player that has been a big part of the success we've had over the years, simply because he's underperforming in the first half of this season.  I'm not saying that maybe on a pure business decision level that might be a fair deal, but I think from both a PR and especially locker room impact perspective, that would be a horrible trade.     Good organizations simply don't do that to good employees.  He's part of the family.  You address it when the contract comes up in a few months.  JMO.   If he was as good as Amari Cooper and you were already thinking about moving on to get younger, sure, get the first rounder.   But to the topic, its good to see Pittman back up.  Especially since it must mean the injury didn't take the serious turn that it could have. as far as we know.
    • So hypothetically, if Packers offered us a 4th round pick tomorrow, you would accept it?   Will be a late 4th at that.     I mean don't get me wrong, sometimes there can be addition by subtraction(ie; OBJ). Where a QB doesn't feel pressure to target said WR and spreads ball around more. I am not sure I see the same thing with TY though.(only averaging 6 targets a game, which is a team high) l. I think that says more about how well we are already spreading the ball around.   For the record, I wouldn't accept a late 4th for Hilton. Would consider a 3rd, but that would really exasperate the lack of veteran leadership in the group.
    • I don't think the Packers are giving up a 4th rounder for a 30 year old WR on an expiring contract.    And going back to the crux of the matter, there's no reason for the Colts to bail on this season right now. 
    • I'll tell you what I told Superman. Hilton to the Packers for a 4th rounder. They are interested in Will Fuller, so we could trade them Hilton for a 4th.
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