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  1. I don't think you have to make a case for Peyton!! His stats speak for themselves!! He is a 1st year HOF pick, its a no brainier!!!
  2. Loved Antonie, was a very good player was sad when he left, congratulations on a great career!!
  3. Wow clicked on this tread and wasn't what I thought it would be!! You are either joking, or a poor judge of talent!?!? Not sure which one!
  4. I think you might be wrong on the Charger job! Herbert just might be special!!
  5. Reality is all CB's hold some are just better at it, & not targeted by the official's like Rock is!
  6. Well this is a copycat league, success breeds opportunity for them. Happens all the time, may guess is we will keep the majority of them, & if we loss someone that there is a protégé to take his place. The DC would be a loss, I personally think hes still a year away that he will stay, but maybe. I think most teams still play a 3/4 as opposed to a 4/3. If he left and went to a 3/4 team from a personnel standpoint thats always tough. IE Pagano with the Colts
  7. Was nice to see him come on last game, hopefully it continues!! Happy for him!
  8. Rock has good technique, the problems are he sometimes is a little to grabby and physical! Word is out amongst official's and probably other teams that he will grab. When he gets flagged he loses confidence, a bad thing for a CB. Because Rhodes has had a very good year they target his side often. Even when he makes a good play he turns an looks for flags which isn't good. If he can stop grabbing he will be fine. He also played on the right side RCB last year, not the LCB. Sometimes that can take a little adjustment as I use to play DB as well.
  9. Hum hope not, are people asking to interview any of our guys?
  10. Nothing shocking here If Rivers wants to play he will be back!
  11. I like Watson doing us a favor and we win the division!
  12. That ain't happening, several Colts already talking about this being a revenge game, plus the bad taste in there mouth from the Pitt game. I believe the Colts are going to kick the % out of Jacksonville!! How this rest of the games shake out IDK but my guess is someone losses & Colts get in!! Hopefully Tenn. Just got a feeling Houston does us a solid!!
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