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  1. This is true Geathers pass cover skill are not his strong suit!!
  2. Like the signing, Clayton, is a good player, interested in the terms. Saw it might be a 1 year deal,hummm thats odd and it might be a show me year for him as far as injuries. The injuries scary me but when on the field he is solid, not great though.
  3. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Stanley Morgan Jr. - WR - Draft gem

    He Looks good, has some talent. Good ball skills, tough, good route runner! Wouldn't be disappointed if we drafted him!
  4. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Jalen Collins

    I think he’s good, but his practice habits were for % until Mitchell came here last year! When on the field he usually plays well! He seems to have had a hard time EARNING his playing time in practice!
  5. Horse Shoe Heaven

    CB Situation

    Funny looking back at this now after Desir signed! Desir for a year and a half has played very solid ball for the Colts! Out of college he was highly regarded coming out of a small school! It took him a while to get it and possible get a chance, he played well last year, not great IMO although in a few games he was great! I will take solid over bad any day, in the colt system that’s what they want no big plays! I am glad he’s a Colt, and if they draft someone so be it, but IMO it’s not the glaring need to draft a guy with Desir signed as it would have been if we didn’t sign him and based on the other CB’s on hand!
  6. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Jalen Collins

    I like Wilson a lot! He was coming on last year and he has great size for the position. Throw in Harrison, who seemed to get lost in the wake last year, the CB position is not as bad as some think!
  7. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    Great player bad on the locker room, Ballard won’t sign players that are bad in the locker room, no matter how good they may be on the field! Also Pittsburgh may not of wanted to trade into the Colts a potential rival!
  8. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Is Jordan Wilkins Overlooked?

    I like Wilkins, he had an unfortunate Fumble and lost some playing time due to it, but the skill is there IMO! When drafted Ballard said Wilkins reminded him of Forte! I would agree, tough, a little wiggle, decent speed, and can catch the ball! Given opportunity I think he could at least be an above average RB! My guess is he gets more touch’s this year.
  9. Agree the guy just flat out balled!!
  10. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Talks with Geathers this week

    I believe you are right!
  11. What a great dude and player thanks for posting !
  12. Horse Shoe Heaven

    How good was Tarik Glenn

    Tarik was underappreciated, until he was gone! Although a like Costanso, Tarik, was much better.
  13. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Matt Slauson is retiring

    Hes a broken player at this stage of his career! But has a lot of knowledge!
  14. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Matt Slauson is retiring

    Agree he would be a great coach!!