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  1. I liked him coming out of college hopefully it works out!
  2. Colts for the most part IMO were GASHED up front! The Lbers had little chance and the Db's had to make to many tackles in the run game. Also to much time for Rivers, he is VERY accurate when given time!! also I thought the rookie DB's very exposed in coverage. They have to play to get better, but they have to play better to contunie to get time.
  3. To bad too late! Yup never should have been called!
  4. Chargers have ALWAYS been a tough out for the Colts. My hope is the Colts would come together, and with the Charger issues we would win. I however see this as a loss.
  5. Hum I like him to bad! Wish we had him back!
  6. Well I guess we are invested in JB! Until I see him play I am not all in! If we are going to start him I GUESS we have to pay him as such?!?!
  7. Agree on the other hand he is a terrible cover corner we can expose him. Lol
  8. Any word on where Hogan went or was he not picked up?!?!
  9. Agree but life’s hard sometimes Milligan is an easy cut The next one would be hard
  10. Your option is WRONG IMO and the COLTS opinion!!
  11. I am cool with signing Hoyer for the year, he has always played well against the Colts, he’s smart and a vet! I say this with 1 caveat I want to KEEP Chad Kelly! Don’t cut him!! It would be fine for this year! Remember folks Jacoby is a free agent after next year as well
  12. TOTALLY DISAGREE ON HAEG!! As the Colts do to!!
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