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  1. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    If we play error free football, then this should be a great game. Chief fans should be nervous based on the teams history! Apparently there fans are drinking a lot of there own cool aid and its spiked!!
  2. Horse Shoe Heaven

    As much as I love Vinny....

    I am good that we have Vinney! we will get a kicker when we need one!
  3. BULL %!!!! He was promised the Patriot job, more money & if he takes a NFC job!
  4. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Very good read about the players only meeting

    Nice read! Thanks!
  5. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Miami hopefuly is not a trap game.

    Trap game thats funny!! When did the Colts get so good? We are not good enough to have any trap games. The Colts IMO could lose to anyone, & on the other hand with continued improvement hang with and beat most teams.
  6. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Quincy Wilson- "Mike Mitchell saved my season"

    I love Wilsons talent, I wan't to draft him. He has all the tools, now hes working. Signing Mitchell has been wroth its weight in gold. Glad to see his progress hope it continues!!
  7. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Good Glowinski Breakdown

    I like what he’s doing but if he wants too much money Haig could easily play guard or tackle moving Smith to guard and IMO the line wouldn’t miss a beat!
  8. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Mark Glowinski

    He has been playing very well. Pleasantly surprised!!
  9. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Stampede Blue: 3 reasons Colts lose to Jets

    I am happy we got Nelson!!
  10. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Colts sign FA Safety Mike Mitchell

    To Bad about Pipkins, I liked him thought he had potential. Mitchell use to be a good safety I guess we will see.
  11. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Colts place Matt Slauson on IR

    Wow though is an understatement!! Although I am not surprised he got hurt. He has been injured a great deal the last 3 years. He was playing Ok, glad he didn't hurt himself more!!
  12. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Joe Haeg to IR; Jeremy prompted to 53

    That sucks big time!!
  13. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Colts Practice Squad

    Good DJ White is not very good IMO. Based on film I saw of Pipkins he got to be better and Colts will probably need him!
  14. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Expect massive in-game coaching change

    Stupid Pagono bashing really! Wow! He was fine when he went to the playoffs the first 3 Years, and 8/8 twice with a hurt Luck and luck out! Last year was bad but the team was horrible and still in a great many games! Really looking forward to all this nonsense stopping hopefully soon!
  15. Horse Shoe Heaven

    Anthony Walker Ready to Play

    Disagree on Moore on coverage, but in the run game your right he is a run/pursuit guy. I like Walker better versus the run because hes physical more of a thumper IMO. can take on blockers. All the LB's are run/Pursuit guys other than Walker. Walker is smart, and hits, someone got to!!