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  1. I like the signing! It has a lot of upside, and we have bodies in Holden, Davenport, & Levi until hes either ready or not. The old adage throw % against the wall & see what sticks!! One of these 4 guys will step up. If 2 or more of them do even better!!
  2. Kicking the tires it’s OK I like know my tires at good Please sign Houston we absolutely know it we’re getting just don’t overpay
  3. Hum not sure what I was thinking but I put a 3rd rd picks as well does that mean my 3rd picks are null and void or can I say throw out the 5th round and slid them down!? I leave it to is it contest organizer! Sorry for the mistake and confusion
  4. Am I missing something? This tape IMO is pretty good, yes there are a few interesting plays but for the most part he looks like a guy with some talent! I like the pick he’s hungry my bet he’s going to be a good player, maybe very good with hard work, may take a bit to get there, but I am excited to see him play!
  5. Round 1 A Liam Eichenberg T ND B Rahod Batman WR Minn C. Jaelan Phillips DE Miami Round 2 A Elisah Moore WR OL MIss B Sam Cosmi T Texas C Quinn Meinerz G Wisconsin- Whitewater Round 3 A Tylan Wallace WR Oklahoma ST. B Ifeatu Melifonwu CB Syracuse C Walker Little T Stanford Round 4 A Dyami Brown NC WR B Isreal Mukuamu CB South Carolina C Patrick Jones II DE Pitt Round 5 A Greg Newsome II CB Northwestern B Joe Tryon DE Washington C Shawn Wade CB Ohio State
  6. Agreed banking on the salary cap going up next year and having a good season he won’t be as easy to sign next year!
  7. I thought Walker had a good season not great I didn’t expect him to be signed I’m not a big fan of Oke. You can see the skills possibly he’ll use in this year!? I am more excited about Speed, Adams or Franklin! I’m a firm believer that your middle linebacker should be a tone setter, ie A big hitter my hope is they give Adams who is a big hitter a long look at the job!
  8. Bobby does have more potential unfortunately he doesn’t use it making Anthony a better player IMO! Bobby plays a little soft!
  9. Walker being gone will hurt the defense more than people know yet!
  10. Hum i could see the Colts signing him maybe move Smith to LT and Haeg to RT!?!?
  11. Boo he will be very good there behind that DL. Good luck. I & the Colts will miss Walker!!
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