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  1. Just stop!!!!! Nonsense!!!! it would be Jacoby if anything early give it a break dude
  2. I like Wilkins a lot, but I dont think he is a guy who can be a #1 back over the long haul! He runs IMO like Matt Forte, just not as big or good. I would like to see him get a few more carry's though!
  3. They put him after the game back on the practice squad? STRANGE!
  4. AC if out is bad given the Browns front is pretty good. Clark is Ok, hopefully AC plays. Probably wants to keep the same starters on the OL streak going. My bet is he starts, and see how it goes. Okereke we know he has a thumb injury, we don't know what it is though? Sprain, broken, torn ligaments, or tendons? I have had all of them, not a for sure he plays depending if surgery is necessary or not. I would bet is Leonard doesn't play with the groin injury this week.
  5. Walker is good that would have been foolish to let him go. Dude just balls out every Sunday!
  6. Sign him all he's done is play good ball when he's been here!
  7. Wilkins is good play him some!
  8. Hey guys, hopefully someone has some advice. Huge Colts fan in California looking for way to watch the Colts game live, or after. Use to catch the games on reddit, seems that option is unavailable now. Any ideas or suggestions. Tough loss today and even more maddening not being able to watch the game!!
  9. Would like to have seen, O'Donnell, and Kline in pre season games. Also happy Eldrenkamp made it to.
  10. Liking the practice squad, especially happy for Kelly, Fountain, and Windsor!
  11. Not to me! We always bring in some fullback type, he gets waived every year! We will find a guy who can block in fullback situations, who does other things freeing up a roster spot.
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