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  1. Pascal is good I believe he stays!
  2. I Like Pascal, big target who doesn't usually drop balls. The more the use him the more I like him. He knows how to use his size!
  3. Good for Hugh, hopefully he will make it, rooting for him. When healthy he was pretty good!
  4. I am not worried, says he'll be ready and could play if it was a real game. Go slow, these games don't count. Calfs, are funny injuries, they seem like really your calf hurts, until I had one. If you continue to annoy the injury, ie play, it will linger, and it was much more painful than i would have though!
  5. Hes always been a Colts HATER!!
  6. Fountain's, got a chance, but I thinks Pascal makes the team. When given opportunities he preformed pretty well and he has size!
  7. I believe it will, he was better as the season went on!! An improved pass rush wouldn't hurt either!
  8. I also don't agree with the article but there is some truths to it. Geathers and Hooker, are injury prone, Farley is coming off injury. If everyone is healthy great but its yet to be seen. I am much more comfortable with the CB population than the safety population. As far as Wilson, I personal like how he came along last year. Love his size, he plays well in games, he needs to be better ALL THE TIME in practice, if he wants to play!!
  9. Wow slow your roll dude. I love Rock, wanted to draft him, but were have you seen him in the he Looks that good statement? I am not ready to just say he is a starting CB without at least seeing him in some pre season games. The NFL does have a learning curve.
  10. Stop worrying about it. There is a 0 chance of him getting cut IMO!
  11. Agree Walker was VERY GOOD last year. Just saying!
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