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  1. Loved Bob. he was my favorite Colt then. He even wore my favorite number. Dude was as tough as nails!! What could have been without those injuries!!
  2. Agree would think the Colts get at least one Monday, or Sunday night game. No Love for the shoe, or Phillip Rivers! Yup Just as I picked them!!
  3. A little bit, honestly Hooker didn't even seem to be into it!! IMO
  4. Agree, I think thats the front office plan provided Pinter plays well. They seem to like him!
  5. Kelly stays agree, I value Smith and Kelly close to the same, Glowinski no.
  6. Was not a fan of the pick. After listening to him talk, hes a worker with a high motor. Hes a better pass rusher than you think watching tape. Doesn't give up and pushs the pocket. Hard guy to not root for. I just got a feeling that this guys going to be a solid pick. Time will tell.
  7. Looks like Drew Bledsoe If he hits his ceiling
  8. So what we have gotten a kicker, and a Canadian so far?
  9. I like Wilson, his size an ability was what we needed. Unfortunately didn't work out. Good luck. I like what I see from Rodgers, probably a sot CB and ST guy. Differently rooting for him.
  10. This guy is intriguing, why did he last this long! A lot of WR's in camp really going to be a fun thing to watch. I really liked Scott a free agent we signed when he was at Clemson looking forward to seeing him.
  11. 1 BIG difference in there scouting reports is the WILLINGNESS to press the field and throw deep. looking at tape Eason's arm is much stronger than JB's. If Eason has anything going for himself its a cannon of an arm.
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