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  1. Adams he just obliterates people when he tackles them!!
  2. He deserves it good! Ballard usually does a fair deal for both the team and the player!
  3. I like what I see. There is work to do, but I see some gunslinger, good accuracy, especially on the deep balls, good arm, willing to take chances, a little better decision making, and a little more weight. I would draft him.
  4. I like Walker have since we drafted him. I also believe we are real solid at the LB position.
  5. True, I believe Mims was drafted late by the Bears last year and played OK. I liked him. On the other hand Georgia gets a lot of fantastic athletes and should provide him with enough weapons!?!?
  6. Yup agreed that still doesn't make him good! And do so at your own peril and potential job loss if your a GM! I would damn make sure I was right if I took him in the 1st round. Someone might fall in love with Jalen Hurts too.
  7. I think with the success of the mobile QB's around the league you are drinking the Love cool aid! I dont think hes as good has you think. Someone might reach! I wouldn't touch him at least to the 2nd round. 17 INT's scare the % out of me!!
  8. I liked Fromm early in his career. To me he seems to regressed not progressed which I thought he would. Hard pass!
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