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11 minutes ago, bananabucket said:


Let's hear the positives

There won't be many positives unless they get a defense capable of stopping an 80 year old woman with a walker recovering from hip replacement surgery from running for a hundred yards on them this year. I'm a long time Colts can but no defense means they suck. 


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    • Yes, he's available but there's a reason he didn't get a lot of playing time.  He's not exactly reliable as a receiver.   I think he was in the top 10 for drops.   Didn't he basically blow the Buffalo game for them when we played them a couple years ago?     I'm not saying they shouldn't have brought him in.  I just think there was room for him and Campbell, especially considering their contracts.
    • What’s interesting is colts take a QB at 4 and Arizona trades down or even stays at 3 does the other one go to Titans. We might end up seeing both of them competing against each other for years. Titans are a very real possibility to trade to 3 or one falls to them at 11.  Along with young. Ballards decision not to trade up and stand pat is probably going to either look really bad or really good with a possibility of 3 of these guys ending up in the AFC South. At least two of them probably will.
    • I think my biggest gripe Re: Richardson vs Levis is that the majority of our fans (not all) and the majority of media analysts will give Richardson a pass for all of his issues (inaccuracy, leaving throws high, not exhibiting touch often enough, decision making, etc) and chalk them up to his inexperience and overlook it all since his tools offer an immense amount of upside.   But then with Levis, his issues (relating to avoid sacks, some touch throw issues, his low rating outside the pocket, etc) are often used as the barometer against him and why he "sucks" or is going to be a bust.   The reality is that they both have an immense amount of upside. Richardson probably has a bit more, simply because his rushing dynamic is lights out, whereas Levis' rushing ability is probably good but not elite. I saw someone say Levis has Daniel Jones rushing upside. That is probably true.   But when people think Richardson and his rushing upside, they think Fields and Lamar.    The other thing I keep seeing is folks bashing Levis due to player comparisons. I completely ignore the Zach Wilson ones because they are so absurd they dont even deserve consideration. They are totally different players so that comparsion doesnt really phase me or compute to me.   The Wentz comparison to me is interesting for a few reasons. One is that before Levis was compared to Wentz, so was Josh Allen.   Josh Allen's comparison was in a good way because Wentz was progressing at the time and it was "look at Allen's tools. He could totally become Wentz".   But now it is "Look at Levis. He could totally become a bust like Wentz".   I think the reality is that Wentz was on a fantastic franchise-QB trajectory before his injury ending his MVP-leading season. Then he was just good but not great before eventually everything fell apart.   But make no mistake, I (and many others) thought the Wentz acquisition could really work out. We though Reich and staff could recreate the progress Wentz had been making prior to his injury. It just did not happen. And you were left with the highs that worked out well and the lows that doomed you and the inconsistency sided on the poor side more than the high side and the rest is history.    Levis and Richardson both have that same tantalizing upside and dark downside. They could flourish or they could bust.   It is OK to prefer one over the other. I slightly prefer Richardson but it is close.    I, for the life of me, can't fathom how someone can stand for one of them and yet absolutely hate the other. They both have huge upside and both have franchise-crushing downsides as well.    I totally get the Stroud/Young enthusiasts hating both of AR and Levis. That makes sense. I don't understand liking one and not the other.    I hope we end up w one of the two of them and see what this staff can do with them. And if they bust in the next 2-3 years, chances are the team will suck badly enough to be in position to draft the next high-upside franchise signal caller.   That is why i think staying at 4 is key and swinging for the fences w one of the two of them makes the most sense.    Guess we will know in about a month or so.     
    • If the price is right, you bet. 
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