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  1. I just don't trust Geathers anymore is takes to many wiff and when his miss his assignment his misses and he also bites on the play action pass to easy. When he is on he is on but most of the time he is a liability.
  2. They are having a melt down on the Chief football forum putting all Blaim on Reid for putting Mahomes on a inland to get killed. I do have to say they are right why didn't Reid use a RB or TE to help block or at least chip block i did not see it the whole game
  3. I will eat crow but have to admit that raiders game is what threw me off
  4. it would be worse when we faced New Orleans when we had Curtis Pantier
  5. That the problem with this stupid team defense. We seen this before with the colts going Lighter and faster Defense. Higher injuries and get pushed around by bigger men on offense. The colt defense is Insanity.
  6. Cain is the Back up of the Back and Campbell is playing the same way too. It is getting tiring that the Colt continue to waste late round draft pick on WR and especially WR who are supposed to speed burners. Paris Campbell does not even crack the top ten in rookie stats except in on category and that is touchdowns which is 7.
  7. with the offensive line we have no i have no Idea could be better
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