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  1. I know I was like wth why did homey close like dang. Rick just sucks that not bbq and the new place near 74 that gas grill I could tell but the smell
  2. I am an hour and half away I will drive there to get it.
  3. Trade him to the jets before the end of the season
  4. 3145 W 16th St, Indianapolis, IN 46222 this one near the race track
  5. I was just there two weeks ago after a job interview they people lied to me about.
  6. He might have lost a step and on top of that he not a big tall physical reciver and rivers like throwing it to those type of guys or it could be the route that reich been calling for TY
  7. Only bad thing is the only time I eat there is when I am in Indy and that charcoal smell and bbq mmmmmm. I will always get the full slab and the spicy sauce.
  8. King Ribs Bar-B-Q bear bbq I ever ate but I live near terre haute and all we got is crappy Rick Smokehouse.
  9. Could wieght be the issue or amount of equipment one wears
  10. Well he getting shown what not to be as a Colts QB. Don't throw into double coverage Iike Rivers and please don't be afaird to throw is down field JB.
  11. Can we pick up hooker 5 the year option then trade him away.
  12. He not to bad walker the * that needs to know how to cover
  13. Why use the three TE set knowing full well it does not work
  14. Does not help that rivers threw a stupid pick 6 and the defense is already had the play on its back heels.
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