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  1. Might as well settle for mediocre or just plan crappy screw it...that okay even though the offensive line is the strongest unit the colts have let just replace a outstanding part with just a mediocre part.
  2. What is it the third project player that's a DE that we drafted. The other two have not panned out.... now we hope that there a LT by the time we drafted again really. This QB already has happy feet and to make him feel comfortable in the pocket you might draft a LT. What if he not there we freaking sign crappy Clark again.
  3. If the colts can draft Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah in the second it would be great.
  4. This is complete crap worst trade he can't stay healthy and the one season he was he sucked
  5. Gabbert took over for Kap in 49rs and now gets a ring lol
  6. Two former jags are getting a ring Blain Gabbert and fornett
  7. Forget the world they have soccer and they can keep. Leave football alone.
  8. I agree it like where were you that last 16 weeks of the season plus post season.
  9. Me and also since Tony dungee started there
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