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  1. Last year does not mean crap this year means everything and this year he underpreformed
  2. The day he retired now get over it he not coming back
  3. He is Pagano last draft bust and Ballard first draft bust you guys tend to forget those to big pass plays against us vs the Texans was toward hooker and he just let him pass him by.
  4. Hugh Thornton had family member killed in Jamaica but where is it now....oh that's right with the Washington red skins.
  5. Just becuase its an amazing story does not make him worth a 1st round pick
  6. This is all hypothesis and predicated on the face the colts are willing to draft a WR in the first round. I doubt they will since they are in love with Dorrest .5
  7. If I want to go see a bull fight I I either go to Mexico or Spain. If I actually wanna see good soccer teams I go to Europe. If I want to see a good baseball team I will go to Chicago or Boston I don't force them to come to me.
  8. imagine if the colts have an ever worse record then this year and the chance of getting the first pick. Would the colts drafting another QB knowing who would be number 1.
  9. I really really hope this does not happen because to loss a home game to for fill some wild idea to grow a fan base over seas in Europe. Its bad enough the Colts are not very good right now so let get embarrassed on over seas TV but on top of that my taxes help fund that dang stadium. If the Europeans wanna watch the NFL either stream, buy it or get a plane ticket. If they can come to Indy to see the 400 they can come to Indy to watch a football game.
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