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  1. All this trade talk using our picks start to look like the browns or raiders of old even worse the pacers
  2. I still stand by my decisions on getting him a shock collar for ever stupid pi calls he gets electric shock
  3. Rock suckes and the only thing consistent with Rock is his stupid pi calls
  4. I am wondering what are they thinking about Indiana weather
  5. Donald is a lot better then Jacoby and has better upside. Can't fault Donald being bad on him. Mostly its the front office and coaching staff for complete utter failure getting him and protection. We seen the Jacoby show and its not great
  6. I would use chaz green as a filler even if somehow he does even better then Costanzo down the road inwould still draft a lineman in the first.
  7. The more and more he starts calling stupid plays the more and more he is starting to look like Pagano soon and I hate that.
  8. Kinda because there been some improvements but there still an ageing de in Houston who not the same. Turrey still constantly hurt and who knows who the other DT is. We need to get better at the trenches and I feel the Chris is not really addressing it beside the one trade.
  9. I won't be upset if the Colts cut him after this year or dont reward him with a new contract. If the colts keep him i wont be surprised but not thrilled either the guys hardly on the field.
  10. He needs to learn to stop grabbing. Dang really they should put a shock collar on his wrist so everything he grabs he get electric shock.
  11. I consider the offense an old stubborn war horse take awhile to get going but once it start moving then watch out.
  12. That what I was saying because I know AC one a one year contract.
  13. All I can say is use the 1st round pick on the online because dang I don't trust the backups
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