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  1. Here a nice little quote from a movie but it make sense from a hierchy established system. "You serve me and the manner in which you serve me, reflects upon me" Right now DC Coordinator is making Frank look really bad and it does not help that frank made some pretty bone headed calls.
  2. Who the head coach again..he has no say to what the defense is doing. He has no idea what scheme they are going to use or do frank is blame less.
  3. A masterful games can turn into a mediocre game real quick and look we were up for 3 quarters and lost it in the end its no longer called a masterful games its called a callapse he doing what stupid Pagano does get the lead and then slowly get your foot off the gas. Do you think Bill would do the same thing heck no.
  4. Why use blankship Rodrigo was right there heck the Lions used Suh to kick a game winner
  5. There no violation that was the deal why play him if there no playoff chances
  6. Play him toughen up butter cup is the QB can do it so can the CB
  7. So glad we wasted draft pick on players that not even playing why was rock again and we are done with the season we had them by the throat and we just let up. The play before the first blocked kicked was stupid. The morale of this team is in the gutter. All that hard work to defeat these guys means nothing.
  8. Do you really wanna take this crappy team to the playoffs
  9. Remember the saints game were they just kicked the heck out of us. Its going to be like that
  10. If the colts loss this week its time for the colts to hang up the cleets and take this season as a year rebuild and start looking at who needs to go and who needs to stay. Then bench wentz and in the 1st round draft a wr or a lineman
  11. Hey rams we know you don't like draft pic can we get and 2nd and third
  12. Another reason why colts need to stop drafting wr from ohio
  13. Seems like the Pacers and colts both use the same dr
  14. I dont know if this goes here or somewhere but I have to say it. Thank you Mr. IIsray, Colts organization and Recuit Military for the opportunity back at Lucas oil stadium where they were able to host a career fair for veterans during this time of covid I a lot of career opportunities that said they were going get a hold of me next week hopefully with employment it was good knowing there are great chances of employment. Thank you
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