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  1. You cant really judge the two between each other since there to many valuables
  2. I love that we have a QB who as the FU personality
  3. It was not that it was the nonsense behind it when people were smoken and joking and goodell is just sitting there waiting.
  4. I liked it and it could have gone faster if people didn't have to talk and a lot of it was then B.S. like really.
  5. Continue to drink the cool-aid. Chad Kelly is the back up back ups.
  6. I think it has to do with mutiple thing for him. One being Andrew luck no longer playing which reguvinated his career in Indy. Then JB playing like crap and having no idea that there were TE on his teams and on top of that some of the close games either because of the defense of JB doing something stupid of AV missing a kicks. I too would get tired and then people on the team thinking to themselves that they are a playoff team....pffh that died once we lost of Miami because of Frank not starting JB and putting in crappy hoyer.
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