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  1. as long we still have half the cap space and Jim does not want to make Andrew luck the highest paid QB again and give him the money that tom brady make would be great
  2. ZZZZ boring come on we need some LB this draft becuase the only good one we got is Maniac
  3. Cain tore is ACL and may or may not be the same i would not like to play the game of What if. With the recieving core which is weak enough as it is.
  4. I was taught to pay for everything by check. Maybe Kraft should have done that
  5. I would like to hear the excuse he gave.... Uh Uh Uh she was checking my prostate
  6. Bill belicheck Tom Brady and I would not be surprised Jim Isray
  7. he hopes it will end quickly just like his time at the message parlor
  8. Kevin L. Orpurt drove through terre haute on pain med and nothing happen to him. Heck he ran over the mayor Harley Davidson when he found out he was having affairs with his wife
  9. Yeah, there is a difference apparently kids must be involved and there is a difference between liking kids to really liking kids.
  10. Imagine the cops, now you see her now you don't now you see her now you don't. He what's going on here
  11. if that true and he has to register and not be near kids does that mean he can not even go to his own games
  12. Something was raising all right and he had the fund to do it. Kraft "if you really want food for the next week it going to cost you"
  13. In the video you can see the clean exchange of money. Didnt know he as skill of a football player
  14. it would be the one video on a porn website nobody wants to see.
  15. Did you see his wife why would he well, he did pay for it, it comes with the contracts with the escort. it does not matter what position he wants as long smoky get his money More like Inflate gate 1.0
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