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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • If I were Ballard, I would definitely try and get Mack re-signed. I know Mack will probably want to stay behind our line that he knows best and he hopefully knows he has injury concerns. I think we should get something done with him because his running and pass catching is undeniable, he’s got great talent and helps this team win when we’re a run first team. 
    • I doubt it. Teddy has played fine without CMC. Now that CMC is coming back, they should win more games. 
    • Some more miscellaneous thoughts to share.   You're so convinced Reich is terrible.    You always cite what happened with him in San Diego.   Funny how you give him no credit for what happened with him in Philadelphia.   If memory serves, the Eagles recently won that big game at the end of the year.   What do they call that?    Oh, yes.    The Super Bowl.    You give Frank no credit for that.   Why?    Because it destroys your argument.   That's what you do,  you play up anything that supports you,  while either playing down or ignoring anything that hurts your argument.    You think Frank is what he is.   You give him no credit for 2018 because you didn't like one game,  the last game of the year.    So you act like the rest of the season didn't happen.    Players, and even coaches can improve over time,  given better players and better opportunities.   Pete Carroll was a poor NFL coach, having been fired at his first two HC jobs.   But his run at USC was so great,  he earned another shot.   Did you know his first two years in Seattle were 7-9?   Wasn't until his third years when the Seahawks became great.   And he's been a great coach there ever since,  9 years.    How did that happen?      Andy Reid had a reputation as the best coach never to win the big game for more than 2 decades.  Then he won the Super Bowl.   How'd that happen?    Oh, he got much better players!    Who knew?   Sean Payton was a great coach and then went 7-9 three straight years.    Did he become bad overnight?    No,  the Saints front office put them in terrible Salary Cap Hell for those three years.  Funny how he got smart again once the salary cap issues went away and they drafted better.   Mike McCarthy was a very good coach in GB.   Won a Super Bowl.   Now they're calling for his head in Dallas in his first year as the Cowboys have been destroyed by a ton of key injuries including the loss of three starting OL.   And now Dak.   He didn't get dumb overnight.    There have been issues out of his control.   Sometimes stuff like that happens.    Heck, Bill Belichick is suddenly mortal now that Tom Brady is gone and he's got Cam Newton.   Kyle Shannahan and Sean McVay were the two hottest OC's in the NFL a few years ago.   As the OC,  Shannahan blew the last few minutes of a Super Bowl his team should have won.   Now he's the HC in San Fran,  and he blew the 4th quarter of the SB against KC.    For one of the better offensive minds,  Shannahan is 0-2 in the 4th quarter of the two biggest games of his career.    And McVay has struggled these past few years as the team has shed talent due to salary cap issues.   But he too got out coached in the SB.    Apparently football is hard.   It's much more than a bunch of stats.   Even Next Gen Stats.   My point,  even the best minds have trouble from time to time.   People who know football understand this.   People who only know stats,  well,  don't.   If you're willing to accept my "likes",  then you have to be willing to accept my lesser emoji's as well.    You can't have it your way all the time.   Oh....    one last thought....    I've posted this repeatedly,  but you seem to have missed it.   I'm not posting very much this year because I can't see the games.    I won't go to a sports bar to watch until we're past Covid.   I'm hoping for 2022.   I think '21 is still doubtful.    So, I'm only seeing maybe 15-25 percent of the snaps on the NFL Network and the Red Zone.  With that little viewing,  I don't have much to add.    I read what I can in the media and here on this website.   But since I don't care as much about this season as most here,  I thought it would be better if I posted less.    Yeah....  I miss you too!  
    • This is good and all, but can he play Magic the Gathering?
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