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Colts @ Cowboys Preseason Game Night Thread


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2 minutes ago, NFLfan said:


He must be from Princeton, Evansville or went to school in Indiana. There is no more of a loyal Hoosier than you. :)


I was speaking to my neighbor of 10 years a couple of weeks ago. He told me that he grew up in Indiana -- a city called Hobart. He is a very nice guy.

He was a Brickie

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2 minutes ago, NFLfan said:


He must be from Princeton, Evansville or went to school in Indiana. There is no more of a loyal Hoosier than you. :)


I was speaking to my neighbor of 10 years a couple of weeks ago. He told me that he grew up in Indiana -- a city called Hobart. He is a very nice guy.

That would be the reason I like Keenan Cole and MarQueis Gray

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8 minutes ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

IF the coaching staff has already given Tolz the keys then I fault the coaching staff, but  it is what it is.  If they haven't settled on the starter then they owe themselves to let Morris run with the 1's.  I hope they haven't boxed themselves into a corner.  We shall see.



I think it's set. Walker is not ready yet, and all I heard is, Morris is not a practice guy, he has problems grasping the playbook. They won't start a guy who they can't gameplan on over Tolzien, just because the guy looked good in a preseason game with vanilla playcalling against a 3rd team defense.

I agree though, I'm curious to see Morris with the 2nd team, maybe a few snaps with the 1st-s. (Altough Tolzien will probably get extended look next week as starters usually do. So I'm not sure there will be any free snaps left with the first team for Morris. But with the seconds, I definitely would like to see him..)

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2 hours ago, Superman said:


Absolutely I can. Tolzien threw the ball accurately, and I don't understand why everyone is acting like he was bad today.



Tolzien threw the ball well today. All short stuff, but he hit his receivers, even against tight coverage and with poor protection. Almost every completion from Walker has been high, and the receiver has had to jump to make the catch.


Morris wasn't good last week either, aside from the last drive.


I'm convinced Tolzien is significantly better than Walker and Morris. Doesn't mean I'm a Tolzien fan, but it's crazy to me that everyone is banging Tolzien while itching to see two guys that are clearly worse.


Agreed, but i don't particularly like Tolzien either...


Here is a list of QB's taken the last 5 years in round 4 and higher i probably would rather have right now-

4    Joshua Dobbs
5    Nathan Peterman
6    Brad Kaaya


4     Connor Cook
4      Dak Prescott  !!
4      Cardale Jones (Chargers traded a 7th for this guy for 2017) *
5      Kevin Hogan
6      Nate Sudfeld
6      Jake Rudock
6      Brandon Allen

4    Bryce Petty
5     Brett Hundley
7     Trevor Siemian !


4    Logan Thomas
4     Tom Savage
5     AJ McCarron
6     Zach Mettenberger

4    Matt Barkley
4     Ryan Nassib
4     Tyler Wilson
4     Landry Jones




** 1   Luck  **


3    Russell Wilson !!!

4    Nick Foles !

4    Kirk Cousins  !!

7,   Chandler Harnish ***  Colts draft


I'd would have liked any of these 2013 and newer4th rounders and beyond, except possibly Jones.  But we have who we have and have to work with it.

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2 hours ago, PrincetonTiger said:

Morris is not the next Montana so everyone needs to stop


Seems funny to me, many arguing about playing newer UDFA QB's instead of an older and game tested UDFA.


To me, It's like debating who has the worst winter weather. Fargo ND, Minneapolis, MN, or Buffalo NY..


One has to be better than the other 2, but none seem enticing....

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Colts unfortunately lost their second straight preseason game and are 0 and 2, not the result we wanted again  tonight.   Colts next play the Pittsburgh Steelers next Sunday, but they may have an advantage.  Colts have an off day on Sunday,  and the coaching staff expect  see and scout the Steelers, as Pittsburgh is hosting the Atlanta Falcons Sunday afternoon, and televised on the NFL Network. I'm sure the Steelers Vs. Falcons game at Pittsburgh will impact the Colts game preparation next weekend.


Third time and game might be the charm, as Indianapolis is trying to avoid being winless, before their regular season finale with the Cincinnati Bengals on August 31.


We also might hear further news in the other developing story if Andrew Luck is healthy physically to clear himself from the PUP list, and be ready to play the regular season opener at the L.A. Rams, if not later, for the season opener at LOS when they host the return of Bruce Arians, and the Arizona Cardinals.


Enjoy another week in the meantime between Colts game, we will see you here as the Colts travel again at Pittsburgh, and their goal is to win to next two preseason games to even their record at 2-2 and .500.


Stay Colts Strong, and GO COLTS!  :)    :coltslogo:  :1colts: :colts:  :coltslogo:

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19 hours ago, dgambill said:

I'd still rather have him at safety covering TEs with his size and coming up and making licks....maybe this is just Pagano getting him coverage work before moving him back to safety.


I think they are counting on (hoping for ) Hooker and Geathers as FS and SS, with Green doing some CB, and most likely covering TE's in a 'Big Nickel' and Dime sub package.  At least, that's how i see it moving forward...

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    • At least you didn’t become a Steelers fan ! As far as the throwback, he literally put merchandise in the team shop saying Baltimore Colts ! The ultimate throwback ! To your point that the fans weren’t interested in the Colts, that’s not quite true . Attendance was down because of poor product at the time, but that happens in most cities. As usual, it was an owner versus the city for a better stadium and revenue , and the fans get run over in the process.  As far as acknowledging Baltimore, the point is acknowledging the history correctly as it was at the time. That’s all I’m saying. The fans and the Ravens never abandoned the Baltimore Colts legacy. If the fan base didn’t care, you wouldn’t have the Unitas statue, Baltimore Colts in the Ravens ring of honor, or the Super Bowl 5 trophy here. We also use the old Baltimore Colt fight song , for the Ravens, with slightly different lyrics, and the old Colt marching band is now the fighting Ravens. We’ve had a lot of old Baltimore Colts like Bruce Laird, Tom Matte, and Stan White covering Ravens games on TV and radio. Many of us own a lot of old Colts memorabilia. So the fans do care.  So to us, the Baltimore Colts is our throwback history even though the NFL doesn’t say that.  I get where you are coming from, but to me, it was Baltimore Colts fan, 12 years in the desert, Baltimore Ravens fan. I have a lot of respect for the Indy Colts history post 1984. Good city, good fans, their own unique history.  I’m not against Indy putting together a Baltimore Colts throwback night or uniform, but don’t time travel Deforest Buckner back to 1956 in clumsy promos  ! At least you had Lenny there at the stadium. That was more appropriate. 
    • And you have beaten it to DEATH Twice over, yes you have written enough for a book, and haven't moved the needle one iota.   Frank IS Frank so as long as he is the coach many more needleless books to follow.   It is very unfortunate for you Frank is our coach. We must all be hoping we get even an Average D, so that winning more of these close games can help unload the steam from your offensive guru boiler. Yes we know your not a guru, i just wanted to spark another 500 words for the fun of it.  It is amazing Frank is putting up this many PPG ALREADY with this QB and modest receiving core. What fun it would be if we had 4th-5th year TY.   You wouldn't be saying Squat about the play calling!!!  If Bo thought he knew defense, it would have been 10,000 words complaining about Flus. Flus is developing pass rushers, has a weak set in the d backfield, and is killing it with turnovers. Wait till 22 to see what Ballard does to help our seive of a D.
    • I kept my i on him in pre-season. At guard he was knocking guys back and maintaining contact very well. Had some bully in him. Potential as a center also. Kelly isn't irreplaceable. By a players year 3, thinking Pinter and Fries, they should be prepared for solid starter duty if they ever will be.
    • They were in pass D coverage according to Arians, just FYI.  When they committed to stopping the run, they did, they're really good.  Hard truth is they were better at stopping the run than we were at running, so we passed.  The Bucs v the run are not the other 31.
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