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2 minutes ago, NFLfan said:

Why is Superman complaining about Morris? He looks the best so far. Yes, he is going against 3rd string guys. Let him play with the first team or 2nd team.

Because everyone is hating on Tolzien and he actually played decent today...and Morris hasn't done anything in camp all year. Fact is all these guys are BACKUPS....just we need one to start week 1. Only one of them is even close to capable and shown it before...and his initials are ST.

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8 minutes ago, Peterk2011 said:



Did you see the stats on Wilson? If you didn't, let me post the link again.


Wilson has not regressed.  2015 stats: 68.1 completion percentage, 4024 yds, 34 TD passes and 8 Int. 110.1 passer rating. 


It is disturbing that so many minimize or deliberately misrepresent his performance.



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4 minutes ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

Natson is fearless and has a non-stop motor.  Kid makes me excited whenever he touches the ball.


Reminds me of Super-Nat that used to play for the Chiefs back in the day.


Morris has to keep his short throws down, though.  He needs more precision on the short ones,

Natson reminds me of a waterbug....just little and skitters all over. He plays much harder and bigger than he is. He will make a 53 somewhere. That heart will get him on a roster somewhere if not here.

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Just now, chad72 said:


I thought our line blocked better for the run than for the pass


Like D- vs D+? I didn't think they blocked well in either phase. There were some good snaps, but lots of bad ones. The run blocking was sloppy and out of sync, they didn't finish blocks. 

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1 minute ago, Superman said:

Morris has a smoothness about him, though. Tolzien is frenetic, especially when he feels pressure. Morris is a cool customer.

Honestly, though, I think Morris is getting better protection overall.


I just want to see him play with the 1's to see what he can really do.

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