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  1. My first Colts game in 11 seasons...Last saw my beloved team with Reggie and Marvin at the wideouts and Peyton at the controls back in '08 at Qualcomm... Gonna be at the Charger game September 8th reppin 53...Gonna b with some friends who I gotta say are Chargers folks...But, it's all good...Got my 53 jersey, 4X of course, reppin the Colts west coast style!!!! Ha. Can't wait.
  2. McDaniels is a coward. If I see him on the street, you know the rest... No comparison whatsoever...
  3. Man, watching that conference I just wanted to sit in a dark room in tears for a week or two...Sure, drastic reaction, yes. But Luck to me represented the kindest gentleman and leader for this organization. He is the guy everyone loves to root for imo. This really is having an effect on me right now. It shouldn't, but it is. I mean, it is just football after all. Sometimes you take for granted that your favorite player is always going to be out there. He might have setbacks and injuries, but somehow he's always going to be back out there. Never ever saw this coming...
  4. I think we have the best coaching all around and best GM, yes. I think the Texans and Jags rosters can certainly rival us talent wise. I just happen to think they continually underachieve. A big part of that, imo, is how special Luck was and how the team wanted to play better when he was in the game and leading the team. I love the kid. It just rips my heart out man that this is happening. With that said, I think Ballard has done an absolutely amazing job in his short time here, and that the team WILL for sure be the best in the AFC South in another year or two.
  5. 6-10 3,150 passing yards, 6 rushing TD's (QB), 26 passing TD's to 17 Interceptions. I think we remain competitive in each and every game played, but struggle to win games.
  6. As much as I respect Jacoby, I don't believe he is a franchise quarterback. He is perhaps a solid backup and a serviceable, average to low-average caliber starting quarterback. Kelly looks good, but, again, there is little NFL experience there. I can't see a scenario where we aren't targeting a quarterback in next year's draft. This is the problem that plagues most NFL franchises for years. It is one thing to build a solid team on both the defensive and offensive sides of the football. To find a special, generational caliber centerpiece at QB is an entirely different thing altogether.
  7. Well, I'll be at the Chargers Colts game here in Cali on the 8th in my new Darius jersey...Was pretty excited a couple months back when I got the tix...For this year, the future... And now this... Feeling pretty depressed right now.
  8. No doubt. I need to see more of the pass rush...
  9. Lets do this Colts!!!!! Keep that chip on your shoulder!! Never let up!!! Kick em to the curb on D... We won't be stopped....
  10. I really like Toler and I would hate to think he'd be shut down for the playoffs. His presence seemed to impact the performance of this defense immeasurably. I keep waiting for this guy week in and week out. Kind of confused by the "Not 100%" comments. Clearly, the severity of this must be more than the Colts want to disclose. A guy who was an impact player and clearly a defense which has struggled in coverage in his absence- you would think they would have done everything possibly to get this guy back on the field. This is a concern moving forward as well.
  11. All around very solid performance. The difference yesterday was effective play calling. I liked the uptempo style and there was a comfort level with the guys that I hadn't seen at least in a while. T-Rich continues to impress with the catch and run. One issue that lingers is the effectiveness of this running game, particularly in third and short or short yardage situations. Even late in the game, (a game that the Texans had clearly and visually given up on by the third and fourth quarter) we could not effectively accumulate or grind out yards. There were the occasional bursts of 12 or 14 that were great to see, but the fact remains in my mind that a game which our opponent was getting beat down in all other phases, was able to contain the run without much difficulty. Running T-Rich into a brick wall for a yard is not going to help us much at Arrowhead this Sunday...I know it's been discussed time and time again on this board, but the run game still has quite a ways to go to be effective, or more importantly, "Dependable".
  12. It was a blatantly bad call. The guy admits to being tripped...The only player in the vicinity was Chapman from the opposition and clearly the runner's motion shifted after the contact was made...There was a huge difference between being down 7 at that point in the game and getting the ball back as opposed to being down two touchdowns. Total momentum killer when the defense thinks they are coming off a hard won battle at the goal line. Not a good performance the entire afternoon by the defense, but that was one blow that they didn't deserve in my opinion.
  13. Good comments. Yes, against the Bengals, this team is going to have to be far more productive moving the ball. Defense today was positive and really won the game. Freeman and Mathis again are super studs. I'm seriously buying a Freeman jersey like immediately. I love everything about this guy, how he is involved on every play and literally changes the game. Our secondary was surprisingly good- I think they answered the criticism from the last couple weeks today. If they play the tight coverage with few breakdowns as they did today, I think this is one of the better NFL units. Overall though, I think we are an average football team right now- middle of the pack. We had early successes this year, but we have lost key components to the offense and haven't had answers. Injuries are part of this game, and how NFL teams adapt week to week says everything. The team has been digressing offensively.
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