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3 minutes ago, IndyScribe said:

I think this D will focus on generating turnovers rather than pass rush.


Problem is....


You need a pass rush to force turnovers. 


Quarterbacks in this league rarely make unforced errors. 



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10 minutes ago, IinD said:

I can't lie, I'm not liking Tolzien much, but I'm also a little freaked out at some of Chuds lackluster play calls as well.


This game hadn't given me much positive reinforcement for the season honestly. Speaking honestly, no doom/gloom stuff.

It's PREseason. Game plans are simplified. Relax and enjoy the positives. 

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    • First of all I just have to say I have a strong distaste for Tom Brady but I’d sign him in a heartbeat under a year contract and then draft CJ Stroud or Levis whoever falls to us at number 4. Have them sit behind Brady and truly learn how to be a QB in the NFL. With the remaining picks provide him with some weapons and protection and bolster the defensive side of the ball. 
    • Agreed, but how much of "a better player or two MORE" does a team need at the end of every season?    That's why the teams strive to find the prototypical or modern era franchise QB, so that the QB can make that game winning drive in last minute or a couple of comeback game changing drives needed in playoffs against strong contenders, in addition to strong and consistent QB play throughout regular season. Such QBs deserve to get paid, and Bengals have found that franchise QB in Burrow who has proven so much BEFORE getting paid a lot.    Problem with the QB market is not that the likes of Rodgers, Burrow, Mahomes get paid... The problem is that barely above average QBs such as the likes of Cousins, Goff, Wentz, Jones, Carr, Watson (personal and legal problems), and few others continue to demand elite QB money and drive up the QB market when they don't deserve that kind of contract, while neither proving BEFORE OR AFTER getting that money.    If I'd wanna complain about QBs getting paid huge money that makes the team worse, I'd complain about those Pretenders who would get paid abhorrent, unproven and undeserved pay while these QBs make their team worse by BOTH blocking large part of the cap space and NOT playing to the highest level of QB play their contracts would suggest.    Back to your point, yes, Bengals would lose a key player or more both in offense and defense when Burrow's contract peaks in salary cap space... But he's proven he can compensate that loss, which is not even close to the situation of not even having found our franchise QB yet, and still a better problem than having a QB who pretends to be a franchise QB not being able to win multiple playoff games. 
    • What’s more important a couple extra picks  or carter or Anderson . With carter and Anderson they have a player that can help them now.  There is no guarantee what a further draft looks like.  I doubt Carolina will offer them that many more picks. They could get Oline at 9 I guess but  is  there a tackle that will go that high.
    • Here’s a question for you…    A story surfaced this weekend….  Chicago would like to trade Fields for picks….  Stay at number one, and draft Young as their new QB.    Any thoughts on this?    Are you hearing or reading about this anywhere?    
    • Ok,  thank you.   Appreciate it.   
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