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Raiders (8-7) @ Colts (9-6), Sunday, January 2nd, 2022, 1:00 PM ET


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4 minutes ago, Zoltan said:

watch it, he stops then realizes Wentz threw the ball thinking he was gonna continue running. If he didn't stop it would of been in stride

TY was also smiling, which might have meant it was his fault and he knew it.  Not sure though.

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    • Bengals OL looks inconsistent some games they look good while others they don’t. Hopefully we send more pressure against them this game.
    • IMHO   The "naming" from a fans perspective isnt that important   But..... from my personal opinion, this offense needs a WR that defensive coordinators need to scheme for. Someone that can score on any play. Someone that has amazing YAC potential. Someone that forces the safeties to play a little deeper.     THIS type of receiver.... call him "WR1", or "explosive AL" for all that matters.... THIS type of receiver is needed to open up running lanes for our star RB   As we sit today, (Like Sunday) The Texans were in a modified, 8 man box to slow down the run   Edge was MORE effective because we had Marvin, who could take the top off.....   Thats all I am saying......  not trying to belittle Pittman..... we need him JUST like we did with Reggie Wayne before         THIS team needs THAT type of player   The agent for Pittman is going to try and "sell" his client as a top WR1   I see Pittman as that Reggie Wayne type......  much needed......  but not at the same level as Harrison  
    • You know what I think would help? Agreeing on the verbiage, as it relates to production, impact, and pay range.    Some of the terms being used in this thread: #1 WR, true #1, WR1, elite WR, game breaking WR, go-to receiver... None of those terms are well defined. Even more technical terms like Z/X/Slot receiver have a lot of overlap, and there's not really a league-wide prototype for those positions anymore. Pittman runs 30% of his routes from the slot, and lines up all over the place.   Even some of the guys you named above are drastically different in usage and production. Stephon Diggs is a lot more comparable to Pittman than Mike Evans, even though Evans seems like the more logical comp.   So I wonder what everyone thinks the proper expectations are, and should be, for the WR1 for a good offense. Is it based more on production, or more on playing style? And what kind of players should Pittman be compared to when we start thinking about the appropriate pay range for him?
    • Its an interesting case, hes good but usually you want more out of your best WR.   The real question is how much do we give him, its pointless to argue if hes a #1.   He might be our #1 like it or not if we cant find anyone better 
    • Trust me, I was there at one point in time. Now, I am reconciled to $22 mil. per year, lol  
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