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Donte Whitners twittter says "WHO DEY" :-(

A.J. Colt

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I love how fast some of you guys turned on him once he didn't sign with us!

Not shocked at all he didn't sign. Frankly I doubted he'd even seriously consider coming here.

btw he went to bengals cause he went to ohio st and I'm guessing he just loves ohio...... and, well, he obviously wasn't gonna go to the Browns.... lol lol

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...I guess some guys are allergic to the playoffs.

And have a severe dislike for wins.

...Oh well, I wasn't sure about whether it would be worth the trade off in terms of his poor coverage skills...

..more like donte whitless

No ones turning on Whitner,...

Reeeally, now?

Would you like to retract that statement? :yes:

The guy wanted to guy to ohio cause he went to OSU. Who can blame him?... Well, we blame him for the whole, 'go to OSU' part, but besides that! lol

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Who dey? Who dey? Who dey gonna beat dem Bengals........

Everyone lol

Hahahah! No kidding. Why would anyone in their right mind sign with the Bengals? Do they not like going to a successful team with good management and being on a team that is a Super Bowl contender? Oh well, their loss.

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