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  1. too bad u didnt buy an addai last year
  2. 2 of the best DTs during their careers which would you rather have and which do you think would fit in better w the colts i personally like the pressure on the qb that tommie brings..plus hes not haynesworth
  3. im gonna back 2 back post it..really excited bout this pickup!! u know hes good when favre cant even shovel pass it
  4. he is an absolute bruiser!! this is what weve all been talking about i cringe a lil when i just look @ the guy..M.E.A.N.
  5. Now let me drop this on all yall WHEN we win the SB this yr @ home..its gonna make these guys value skyrocket!!
  6. what do u guys think of the colts handing out mostly all 1 yr deals this offseason..good strategy or bad? ..or who cares cause we finally got some new blood
  7. 3.6 mil less than joe.. ronnie brown COULD b sick for the eagles..think about wildcat w him, vick, and desean.... it could be reallll interesting
  8. YYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i was checkin out what the vikings fans had 2 say about CJ signing and i noticed 2 things: they had nothing but positive feelings about the signings they wanted mckinnie gone after the signing
  10. sign em both up..its not like were stacked @ either position right now harris will b cheap and "could" return to a bad mother whitner wont b cheap but is a bad mother although i think CB is our biggest concern as of now..really not wantin 2 give up 2 all the asante chatter either..but he was just a meager 4th rounder
  11. tommie harris - 14th overall pick i say we address this need next braylon? hes an older more expensive garcon..no thanks
  12. yeah i bet uve already heard this by now but here is the link..ny post..just 1 of the many site its on http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/jets/gang_again_says_they_re_team_to_47oyfdmM5TurCBTLz8hfwJ
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