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  1. Imagine watching the game today and thinking Rivers is the biggest issue we have... yikes...
  2. Is that the Cincy game? If so, I'm not sure I have never been more * at a play in my life. Especially since the refs REVIEWED THE PLAY and STILL got in wrong. Believe the ref was Jeff Triplette, of course. All the emotions from that game are coming back to me. I can't even think about it, lol.
  3. Per Mike Garafolo on twitter, Jeff Locke, former Vikings punter from 2013-2016 will sign with the Colts.
  4. Thanks for everything Mike! He was a great player for us during his stint here.
  5. Not true. Remember, not too long ago Colts fired Polian and then left Caldwell out to dry for two weeks. Likely, the incoming GM will have say whether Pagano stays or goes... ala Caldwell/Grigson in 2012.
  6. Announcement at 5:30 today. Hopefully Pagano is next... the real problem.
  7. Hopefully today. Brad Wells is NOT reliable. Never has been, never will be. He even admitted a few months ago he has no sources in Indy anymore. He now lives in Canada. He just piggy backed off of other local media people and rumors and ran with it.
  8. I have gone to every Colts game since 2005 and yesterday's game was probably the worst when it comes to fan participation. The stadium was still full like normal - but the fans had NO energy. I mean, even in 2011 the fans were more into the game. No energy from the fans yesterday. Irsay has to see this. Pagano/Grigson has sucked the life out of the fans with this mess the franchise has turned into.
  9. I LOL'd. It was perfect. That's one of many reasons why I love Luck.
  10. Robert Mathis Trent Cole Erik Walden Akeem Ayers Darius Butler Mike Adams Jack Doyle Jordan Todman Robert Turbin Chris Carter Hugh Thornton Darryl Morris Duke Williams Who do you guys put as priorities to re-sign? I'd go with Butler, Doyle, Turbin and if Adams wants to play another year bring him back. Also, I'd bring Walden back if he's not asking too much after his "breakout" year.
  11. Am I the only one, as crazy as it looks, thinks making the wild card is more realistic than winning the division? Lol I just have a very hard time seeing the Jags beat the Titans
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