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  1. Imagine watching the game today and thinking Rivers is the biggest issue we have... yikes...
  2. The only way I see Pagano getting fired is if we get blown out by Oakland AND Jacksonville. Even then, I wouldn't be surprised if they keep him.
  3. Lived in Indy my entire life... My parents and all my close family have been Colts fans since I've been born. Really, just born into it. Have had season tickets since 2005 and have NEVER missed a game!
  4. Means more playing time for Doyle. Which I'm OK with.
  5. Our defense will make Brock look like Joe Montana. Much like we made Hoyer yesterday..
  6. IIRC, Luck was under pressure on the TY TD. Didn't he have to step up and then he got hit right after the ball left his hands?
  7. Boom. Yes. Grigson isn't great by any means, but Pagano is just an awful head coach. The team is never prepared.
  8. We just released 2 of our starters on defense LOL. If that doesn't tell you where the state of our franchise is, IDK what will
  9. The last thing I'm worried about when it comes to Luck is his arm strength.
  10. Outside of Luck, Hilton and Moncrief we looked atrocious. OL looked like last years and the loss of Mewhort is a HUGE hit for this team. Defense was awful, Bradford cut us up. Hopefully we can get some healthy bodies and that shores it up a bit.... Otherwise, if this is the defense we see come regular season time.... It'll be ugly.
  11. According to Ian Rapoport on twitter... The #Colts have fired defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, source said.
  12. He's been fired, according to Ian Rapoport.
  13. I'm fine with Pagano staying, I'm fine if he goes as well. He's done a decent job, especially this year given we've had 5 QBs play in a game, which is absurd. My biggest issue with Pagano is his random couple games a year where the team looks completely unprepared and gets blown out. (STL, AZ, JAX, PIT x2, NE x3, etc.) He needs to be more consistent.
  14. #1 Priority HAS to be pass rush. Then get a quality CB to go with Vontae.
  15. Yes... If you're assuming Jags beat the Saints (doesn't look good early). If Saints beat Jags we need Raiders to beat Chiefs plus the teams you named.
  16. What you said is correct which is the following: JAX defeats NO DEN defeats CIN MIA defeats NE BUFF defeats NYJ BALT defeats CIN JAX defeats HOU INDY defeats TENN DEN defeats SD HOWEVER, If JAX loses to NO, then we need OAK to beat KC. Either way... Looks slim.
  17. Yes 100%. Letting him walk would of been a huge mistake.
  18. The Colts being absolutely terrible and letting a Brandon Weeden/Brian Hoyer/TJ Yates led Texans team go to the playoffs.
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