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  1. i cant thank everyone who posts these updates enough.
  2. the last time i played madden, its been a while, didnt they have a rating that basically equaled experience or something like that? my guess is that why it is low initially.
  3. that site doesn't allow browsers with ad-block on. that's gonna be a no from me, dog.
  4. Turn overs. that is all. seems to be something we are preaching. and he brought in guys that are proven effective at it.
  5. what about Steve Spags? is it time he gets another chance?
  6. are you kidding me right now? who is this 21guy? this sup guy? you think you can just post this stuff? huh? and then link the other posts? really? who do you think you are? some moderator or something? some all knowing poster guy? nice job man
  7. I like something to do with The Swarm. If our front three can show up this year, everybody we brought in at linebacker, man, its going to be crazy. I'm hyped for this year.
  8. thats something that i noticed with all (okay most) of the people we brought in. watching their highlights (yeah, i know) they all tackle well and create turn overs. gonna be exciting this year if we can be half in the league in turn overs.
  9. i dont care to quote anyone's post, but didnt KC already have a pretty stellar defense before they drafted Poe? pretty sure lions d had a pretty good d line when they drafted ansah. thats kinda what i would call a luxury pick of sorts while they waited for him to develope. i dont see where we have had any of that kind of opportunity for the past 4 drafts to be drafting they way we have.
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