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  1. Again with the senseless Manning bashing and barely concealed vitriol. Sorry, no matter how much you keep saying that doesn't make it true. I point to 2009, the year the Colts almost went undefeated (largely on the strength of Manning's 7 4th Q comebacks) despite breaking in 2 first year starters in Garcon (who was extremely raw) and rookie Austin Collie and playing behind an inferior OL (other than an over-the-hill Jeff Saturday, I challenge you to name any starters on that line and challenge you to tell me which of those are still in the league) while also being saddled with the last-rank
  2. He leads the team in QB hits and pressures We've seen this before when his stat-line doesn't reflect his impact on the game eg 2006 where his sack total was low but his presence was felt
  3. Since he's joined Denver they're 4-1 against them During the previous stretch I think they were 5-2 and with different faces. Stephen Cooper used to have Manning's number as a signal caller on D and they had Merriman, Olshansky, Jamaal Williams, Shaun Phillips, Jammer, Cromartie. That 2004 Charger team was a nightmare match-up I'm glad the Colts never had to test in the play-offs I'm surprised the Broncos have made a switch at RT and benched Chris Clark ...Freeney is probably licking his chops right now
  4. Can't believe this hasn't been talked about more http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2234761-did-tom-brady-flop-in-thursday-night-game-vs-jets Come on seriously? That's really, really pathetic
  5. Thanks, that makes sense. Haven't been here in a long time Kind of pathetic to be trolling another team's message board after an emotional game like that
  6. Did you just become a Colts fan a year ago? I bet you weren't saying this a few years ago when he was our QB If you think Manning choked then you clearly know little about football
  7. Rex will not be fired - Tannenbaum will be the fall guy for this season and if they have any sense they'd fire Sporano and the QB coach Matt Cavanaugh too - Cavanaugh who's groomed successful QBs like Eric Kramer, Elvis Grbac, Trent Dilfer, Jeff Blake, Kyle Boller and Anthony Wright I think Ron Rivera's made enough progress on the D (which was ranked dead last the year he took over) to keep him around, but it's clear he is in the Rex Ryan category of offensive ignorance so Chudzinski will probably get fired Garrett will probably keep his job because Jerry Jones probably won't want to admit he
  8. Did anyone see NFL Sound FX last night with Peyton wired for sound against the Panthers? How come we never saw that Peyton Manning as much in Indianapolis? Giving pep talks, coaching up the entire offense, addressing everyone, running over to the D as it gets off the field congratulating them, cheering them on from the sidelines, genuine enthusiasm and joy (never seen him so giddy over the play of his D during a press conference as after that game) We rarely saw this level of involvement and leadership on a week-to-week basis during his days in Indy
  9. Wasn't much was just the flashes of Polian that came out Started with Polian arguing about Tebow reminds him of John Riggins and Skip scoffed at the idea that they're anything alike (which I agree with) and that it's also an insult to Tebow because it's another back-handed insult at him not being able to play QB, but Polian was adamant and insisted Tebow has legitimate skills for a RB on tape Skip then started his usual diatribe of how Tebow could be a successful QB in the NFL and went on his usual Tebow rant for 5min, then Polian said he can't win football games because he isn't a good passer
  10. Oh on the contrary, I love the old guy - sorry if my post sounded snarky as that wasn't the intent, I'm fond of Polian in a Bob Knight sort of way and sad he's gone simply because I miss that era and can't believe how long ago it feels like already And let's be real, the guy was notorious for being boorish, from run ins with Jets employees, to being condescending, rude and confrontational on his radio show to callers then there's the various grumblings over the years about the culture at Colts HQ Phil Wilson alludes to some of that http://www.stampedeb...-of-terror-ends
  11. Anyone watch First Take today where it sort of got a little uncomfortably heated between Bill and Skip while they were arguing over Tim Tebow? Polian's done a remarkable job of creating his media personality - polite, engaging, diplomatic and tactful ..as opposed to how we remember him really being But I smiled when I saw a flash of the familar Polian we remember as Colts fans, Polian's manufactured smile faded and his demeanour changed for an instance to his old boorish self and as if he was berating an employee, but to Skip's credit he wasn't intimidated Polian's media-senses returned and he
  12. True, just look at Tim Jennings and how many impact plays he's already made for the Bears
  13. The Denver receivers aren't very good ...I'm sorely disappointed in them. Decker has stone hands and while he runs good routes, he can't get any separation Demaryius Thomas is all potential right now - he also has stone hands ands is an inconsistent route runner, but at least he flashes big play potential. Stokley is great but he is old yella at this point ..that TD grab he hauled in had barely any separation from the defender and was the tiniest of windows. They need to start working Andre Caldwell into the line-up he is the fastest receiver on the team and is the guy most capable of getting
  14. Yeah, drop your second best pass rusher Dumerveil into coverage on the play that decides the game ...real smart
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