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  1. I think the X-factor on the line projections has to be Ijalana. If he can stay healthy (big 'if'), he could end up starting at guard. Castonzo, Cherilus, and Thomas have both tackles & one guard spot locked up. That leaves Center and (other) Guard. Satele and McGlynn were the starters last year. I like Satele in Oakland, but he was utter garbage last year. McGlynn is back-up with versatility in my eyes. I think the line was at it's very best last year when Shipley was at Center, and we drafted a guy (Holmes) who can play center. I would like to see competition between Satele, Shipley, and Holmes, and I would hope Shipley wins the job. I think Satele needs to be relegated to back-up this year, and then shopped around next year. (I don't think there is enough depth to let him loose this year.) I would like to see Reitz, Thornton, and Ijalana compete for the vacant Guard spot. (Whoever doesn't win out of those three guys, I'd slide at back-up at both Guard spots. If McGlynn stays you could slide Thornton to back-up RT.) As for Tackle, I like Linkenbach. I think the majority of times we had good line play, Linkenbach was plugged-in somewhere along the line. I haven't enough of Sowell or Ziemba to comment on them. I do like Cleary Emmet as an underdog, but that's probably more hope than rationale. If all else fails, Thornton offers another option at tackle in case of injury. Training camp is going to be an verrrrry interesting this year. A lot of depth chart spots up for grabs!
  2. I would (obviously) agree with you, but I've been hearing a lot of anti-Nevis sentiment lately and I'm not quite sure where it's coming from. I like McKinney but, as you said, the only way I see him making the final cut is if there's an injury. Honestly, I'd be pretty satisfied with that group. Since Franklin is probably going to be swapped in and out on run/pass downs, it creates an opportunity for RJF, Chapman, and even Hughes to get snaps at NT in situational defense moments.
  3. Pagano recently said we will keep about 6-to-7 defensive linemen. This is going to be the toughest cut on the roster IMO. Redding and Jean Francois should be locks.Hughes (who is expected to play a Haloti Ngata-type position) is a rookie, and Chapman (a Nose who some believe can kick outside) might as well be, so my guess is they will make it. Moala and Nevis are the next best guys at DE/DT behind Redding/Francois, but are still borderline. With these six guys, you have three that CAN play Nose (Chapman, Hughes, Francois) but nobody that looks like an opening-day starter at NT. If they keep seven, it would HAVE to be a NT. So Guy, Matthews, and Heard would be out. (Heard can play inside but I don't believe he is better than the listed NTs.) That would leave one spot for Franklin, McKinney, or Tevaseu. My gut would say Franklin would be the one to make it from this group. (Partially because he was a guy we went out and signed.) I'd like to keep McKinney (29), but that would require cutting either Chapman (23), Nevis (23), or Moala (27). Depth Chart: DE: Redding, Moala, (Hughes) NT: Franklin, Chapman, (Hughes) DT: Jean Francois, Nevis, (Hughes) (Hughes can swing across the line, so I just put him as the third guy at every position.) This is just my opinion, but I'm also curious to what everyone else is thinking since a lot of people aren't nearly as high on Moala or Nevis as I am.
  4. Yeah, I thought I was in the other forum and I skimmed for the word Tamme and didn't see it, my bad.
  5. Just saw it on ESPN. Not that big of a shock really. Looks like were stuck with Eldridge. EDIT: My bad, I clicked on the wrong forum and didn't double check it before I post. Just delete this.
  6. Yeah, those numbers BP gave out seemed pretty high IMO. Thanks for the quick response!
  7. This sounds like the 'Jeff to the Steelers' talk all over again. I really don't feel like he'll come back next year -- Not with the team, but with the whole league; I think he's done. The last interview with him I saw on TV (awhile ago), he looked pretty defeated and ready to hang it up. That said, after our last home game Reggie was talking like his bags were packed, and we all know how that turned out, so who knows?
  8. Just a question about your projected 2013 Cap: BP was on NFL 32 this week, and they when talking about the future cap in 2013, he said there would be a significant increase, and one of the hosts threw out 200 million, to which BP replied somewhere along the lines of 'slow down crazy!', but he did say it would be an increase of around [i think] 30 million. That may not have been the exact number, but it was pretty large. Now, I'm not saying BP was right on everything, but it seems pretty hard to imagine how he could be THAT far off, you know? (Now please understand that I saw this several days ago and I've had a few college projects due along with St. Patty's Day since then, so my memory isn't great, plus I Googled the quote and couldn't find it, so if someone else saw that episode and could either confirm or correct the quote, that would be great.) Good topic everybody, and great job Frog! I love looking at the cap numbers to [try to] better understand the moves made by the organization, and also to reference when speculating on FA signings.
  9. Good draft. Not sure Jenkins will be there, but I've seen crazier things happen before. Who knows; maybe he slips due to the large number of quality CB FAs available? Nope, not at all.
  10. You are missing my point, you say the organization isn't correct 100% of the time, which agrees with my point, but I never said anyone said they were. I was saying that to just say "don't question the colts, I trust them" is a cop out. I trust the colts too, but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion about what they do. Now to mirror your point, I bet you could go through this entire thread and not find one person who said "the colts never make the right moves" as you quoted. Also, who ever said to cut Nevis? I said I'd rather have a pro bowler DT on the decline and Edgerrin James' cousin at RB than chad span and darren evens.
  11. Yeah, he's on the decline, but I personally think he could contribute a but more than chad span, he's still on the roster. But if he's injured, then this whole topic is moot. Btw: If there is a trade looming, anyone else think maybe lance briggs makes sense? It just came out yesterday or the day before that has requested a trade.
  12. You realize this is a FORUM, right? A place of discussion? It's about discussing what the team does and if you like it. There was posters like yourself on here when we drafted jerry hughes. People like you pulled out the whole "in BP we trust" line, and by the end of the year, BP himself said it was a mistake not to select roger saffold. Same thing with Joe Addai over MJD. BP selected Joe cause he thought MJD couldn't block, which is false. He's proven to be a very good blocker. My point: BP isn't perfect. Stop acting like he is. He could very easily be correct about harris, but he isn't so perfect that we can't discuss, if not criticize, one of the organization's roster moves.
  13. You guy's need to cool it down a bit. As for my thoughts; I'd rather have an extra defensive lineman than a third QB, even with Peyton banged up. Harris will find a spot in a team's rotation, but curtis painter would working at mcdonalds if he was cut. (and I've been a painter supporter so don't try to play the 'painter-hater' card.)
  14. Price would be waaaay too high. He was a first-round pick. I'd take him for maybe a 6th-round pick, but that would be stretching it.
  15. Typical Painter-over-reaction-thread. Wayne, Gonzo and Collie all didn't play, and the 0-line was pretty weak. Besides all that, Peyton will be back eventually, probably by the home-opener at the latest.
  16. If healthy, Gonzo is easily a 1000 yard caliber reciever. IF healthy. My gut tells me he's turned the corner after the freak accident last year. Something tells me he's going to have a very, very good season. So, No, I say we keep him. There's no reason to cut him. Even if he doesn't play that's great depth at an injury-prone position.
  17. Seriously, What are you guys doing to come up with these topics? Just pulling up a list of FA QBs, closing your eyes and pointing at one? JaMarcus Hustle was cut by the Raiders.. Let me repeat that: Cut. By the Raiders. The RAIDERS. Yeah, I'm not touching that.
  18. Jimmy Clausen is Painter 2.0. Not worth the draft picks. Jimmy is complete trash.
  19. Nope. Peyton will be back. Even if he misses two games, those are the only two games Leinart could contribute the entire season, whereas Hughes has the ability to contribute in 16 games. Sorry, It's way too close to the season opener to bring in a pocket-passing QB that doesn't understand the offense. At least Painter knows the playbook. All else fails, let's just put in Joe Addai at QB. He already has more passing TDs than Painter.
  20. Simple: We'd be playing like rubbish even if Peyton was starting. It's the pre-season, we always play like crap in the pre-season. Chill.
  21. Me and my cousin were having a discussion about Maybin yesterday, and we both agreed: Love to have, never going to happen. We both agreed he'd probably stay in the division, but he was thinking Pats, I was thinking Jets. I looove how you leave off our two best defensive players from that list. :smh: A Colts switch to the 3-4 would be the biggest mistake since, well, since we didn't draft Rodger Saffold last season. Understand, I'm a 3-4 advocate. That's my defensive scheme. But the Colts don't have a SHADOW of an OUNCE of the personal needed to use and have success in a 3-4 scheme. The most likely shift would be having either one of Mathis or Freeney switching to OLB (just look at Mario Williams for a recent example), which is completely ridiculous considering their skill sets and the [Pro Bowl] caliber of those skill sets.
  22. Spann = Rubbish KR. The dude choked in the first game. Showed decent RB-ability against the Rams 3rd team-ers, but that's not saying much. I'd rather keep Devin Moore if we're going for a KR at 4th RB.
  23. Dang, This is one of the more shocking off-season moves I've seen recently. And, Yes, I'd love to have the guy. I don't care what anyone says, you can never have enough depth on Defense.
  24. Welcome! ;D I'm actually trying to go to this game with my brother-in-law (Diehard Browns fan from Ohio). Gotta get some cash together! >,> Edit: Not sure why it double posted, but it did. Why can't we delete posts btw?
  25. Welcome! ;D I'm actually trying to go to this game with my brother-in-law (Diehard Browns fan from Ohio). Gotta get some cash together! >,>
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