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  1. Manning's still got another year left in him. Keep in mind he had 39 touchdowns this year and had another stellar season. He needs to rest up big time, go see Cutcliffe for his tune up and come back next year. However, the Broncos cannot rely on him as much and they need to limit the amount of attempts he has, especially in the earlier part of the season (against weaker teams especially). The injuries are starting to mount now, but I hope he thinks this one through and comes back. We shouldn't be hearing a decision for awhile. Of all people, he's not the one to come and make a rash dec
  2. I haven't been on much recently, but I felt the need to post this topic, just as an informative one. Watching the Colts game yesterday, I thought that one of the main reasons they were able to have an efficient and productive day on offense was because of the stellar play of the offensive line. Luck was not sacked, rarely pressured and I think I saw him on the ground once or twice. That may have been their best performance in the Luck era, as they faced Demarcus Ware and Von Miller, two of the best pass rushers in football. They were outstanding. However, after going on Pro Football Focus
  3. Came back on the forum and expected to see some chaos. This is a thread that needed to be posted. Chuck is a great person, a great man, the ultimate motivator and he knows how to pump people up, but game after game, he gets out-coached and comes up with some horrendous gameplans. It's a shame. This roster is talented enough to be an AFC elite team. The defense has its good players (Davis is an elite CB, Adams is playing like an all pro, and the front 7 is talented enough to be a force), and the offense has Luck, yet they always lose to these top teams and it's never close. Any team with
  4. Ankle injuries have been killing the Colts this season. At first, Vick Ballard was out for the season with a torn Achilles tendon. That's already a bad start. Since then, the biggest signing of the offseason Arthur Jones has missed the majority of the season with a nagging ankle injury as well. Josh McNary has also had some issues with ankle injuries and has missed practices and not been 100% because of it. He missed a game because of it. Earlier this season, Jack Mewhort and Darius Butler each missed at least one game each because of ankle injuries. Both are key starters on offense an
  5. The defense has potential and if they play well, this team is dangerous, but having down games like this one can kill anyone. Brady didn't play well, yet they won by 22. It's not that the defense is horrible, they're just inconsistent and that's frustrating.
  6. The Colts have done a great job versus Brady, but just cannot stop Gray and that's made all the difference.
  7. It's gotta be the beard, it's just gotta be. In all seriousness, my guess is that it says Luck on the back, and of course girls probably find that cool. Look at me trying to configure what a girl is thinking
  8. Thanks for the kind words bud, and I'm glad to hear that everyone is enjoying the league.
  9. Ahhhh, now to enjoy the bye week. Can't wait for the Pats matchup in 2 weeks!

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    2. backshoulderfade


      Can't wait for the Pat's game either. I don't know about enjoying the bye week though!

    3. BrentMc11


      Watch the snow showers this weekend Hirst :) If you live here.

    4. southwest1


      Snow already...I don't even wanna think about that just yet Brent. But, you are our resident forum meteorologist so I trust you weather wise. :)

  10. Perfectly placed bye week. Come back strong and take down the Pats. Great win today!
  11. Every year, I always have one or two players that I love to watch (very closely) and I believe (and predict) will be very good players in the NFL. Usually around mid October (in this case, early November), I announce the guys. I've done this for the past few seasons. For example, in 2012 my prospects were Keenan Allen and BJ Daniels. Allen has been a superstar and Daniels is third stringer. Last season, I had Brandin Cooks, who at the time (mid-October) was projected to go in the 5th round and ended up going 20th overall. This year, my prospect is Devante Parker, wide receiver from Louisvi
  12. Yes and I don't even think there's a question about. The guy has won two Super Bowls, been to 3 and shows up in big games. He has stats to back up his great accomplishments and has been to the playoffs many times. I can't say he's a guaranteed first ballot guy, but he'll definitely get in. He still has a few good years left in him and he should pad up his career stats to a very high level when it's all said and done.
  13. Yeah and at one point they were actually tied with them........
  14. Patriots look great. Broncos need to make some things happen very quickly.
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