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  1. Bethea got burned badly on Avery's TD
  2. http://www.fantasyalarm.com/playerupdate/227684/News
  3. Team looked unprepared today. That's 3 out of the last 4 games. Only game we didn't look terrible was against Denver. That falls squarely on the coaches shoulders. Perhaps today's butt whooping will wake them up. We can only hope.
  4. Jarrett Johnson is out, San Diego is gonna have to blitz to create pressure which should work in our favor
  5. I don't expect this team to get caught in the hype. With the immense turnover this team has had since Peyton left, sure you have guys like Reggie, Robert, Antoine that were here when Peyton was. But the rest of the roster? I don't see it having any effect on them
  6. Well if anyone has 2 extra tix they were planning on selling, please contact me
  7. This is why I love the draft, everyone thinks they know more than the front office. Some guys will pan out, some won't. Including some of the ones people here have tents in their pants over and are PO'ed we passed up. In Grigson we trust. BTM
  8. No crap, I guess people liked seeing him get smacked around last yr
  9. No, he was far to busy putting up his Christmas lights.
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