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  1. I would like to see them try more running plays to the right side of the o-line. I understand the strength of the o-line is to the left behind Nelson and Castonzo, but I would guess 90% of our runs are to the left or up the middle. I think we need to balance it out a little more. Getting a little too predictable.Glowinski and Smith on the right side are very capable run blockers as well.
  2. I need some keeper advise as well. I am playing in a 1/2 ppr league where I can keep 1 player. I have the 10th pick of the 1st round. My best two options are either keeping Julio Jones in the 1st round or Marlon Mack in the 10th round. Marlon Mack is projected to be a 3rd round picks my most analysts. I am leaning toward Mack that's really good value in the 10th round. Tough to give up Julio though. He's the best receiver in the league. What do you guys think? Should I go with Marlon Mack or Julio Jones?
  3. It's absolutely baffling to me why we don't call more running plays to the outside (pitches, sweeps, etc). It seems we always run well to the outside and we did this at the beginning of the game today with Marlon and he had nice gains on both of them. Not sure why we went away from that for the majority of the rest of the game. Too many running plays up the middle being called in my opinion.Occasionally we'll have nice runs up the middle, but way too many where we get little to nothing. I think they need to start calling more runs to the perimeter as we all know a healthy running game takes a
  4. just let them score a touchdown on the next play that gives us the best chance to win.........so we have enough time to score when we get the ball back
  5. Don't understand why we continue to pass it every time on 3rd and 1
  6. Stupid. What did we keep Whalen for if we're not going to use him as a return man? And Moncrief has more value as a receiver than Whalen, why put him in a situation where a lot of injuries occur
  7. he will get signed by somebody before he gets to our practice squad
  8. Red Bryant, defensive end got cut by the Bills, real good against the run and great player for Seattle for a number of years. I know he hasn't played in a 3-4 but it wouldn't hurt to sign him for cheap. 31 years old still should have a couple good years left. he could give us some depth with Jones being out for the season
  9. Who do you think is starting on the o-line today? They had talked about starting Mewhort at Right tackle. Who would be the starting guards then? Reitz and Louis. With Holmes at center.
  10. yeah and Nicks has 413 snaps on the season and only 23 catches for 227 yards and Moncrief has 17 catches for 218 yards in 171 snaps. So basically Moncrief has the same receiving yards as Nicks and has played less than half the snaps that Nicks has. Moncrief should be taking over the majority of Nicks snaps and Nicks should be riding the bench except when we need 4 receivers out there
  11. why not play Laron Landry getting the ball run down our throats could use somebody that can hit
  12. Moncrief needs more playing time I just dont understand not playing him but one play
  13. put in Moncrief he's better than Nicks. Nicks can't get any separation
  14. says heavy rain tomorrow night in foxborough with wind gusts as high as 47 mph http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=42.065725697831326&lon=-71.24324798583984#.UtCZt7TJplc
  15. Hopefully Darius Butler can do the same thing Tim Jennings did. Both 2nd round picks both got cut from their teams, Butler has two picks for us in his first game as a starter. He's about to get his chance with Powers gone for the year so we will find out soon enough if a change of scenery elevates his play
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