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  1. Look, we have our new GM! I am sorry, but saying Walden is overpaid when he is the one of the many talks of our defense....sad! He has played well and is getting pressure on the QB. I have been rather impressed and we paid a lot less for him than a few other big names. You probably think we still should have kept Manning instead of going with Luck? There may be a lot of reasons we don't do certain things...Maybe those players DIDN'T want to play for the Colts. Have you thought about that? You do know a player can tell a team no. There could be many reasons.
  2. I really worry we will have to over pay for Luck. I have heard people saying he will be the highest paid QB when he gets his new contract, but until you have won a SB or more, you don't deserve to be.
  3. What does that have to do with anything the person I quoted say and my comments to it? He just said he needed to beat one of the top CB's in the league and he already did that.
  4. He already did that when he school Sherman last year! HELLO! Sorry, couldn't resist!
  5. Andrew Luck has been in every game we have lost also the last few years. Should we just dump him?
  6. I was disappointed in how the Denver defense didn't even hardly press their WR's and Gronk....I remember a game, where Tony Gonzales was killing NE. You know what Belicheck did? He put two guys on the line of scrimmage and both of them stopped him from even getting to his route. That is what teams need to do for Gronk. Quit putting one man on him. You knew he was going to him on that 1 yard TD. Put two guys out there. Take him out of the game and make Brady beat you with the other guys. Press their guys at the line. Don't give them cushions, this allows for more time for our line to
  7. Stephan A put Skip in his place today and I loved it. Skip was always hating on Manning until he went to Denver. He hates the Pacers, Colts and anything that has to do with Indiana. He makes that clear. If Luck was on any other team, he would be all up his behind. If Indy would have taken RG III as he claims we should have, he would be hating on RG III and how injury prone he is, instead he still believes RG III is the better QB even though, Cousin's has beat him out in Washington! Guy still thinks Tebow can be a starter in the NFL. He has NO idea what he is talking about.
  8. I am a true believer you really need to see at least half a season of someone starting all the games and playing a majority of them to determine if they can do well. He was a rookie. Even Harrison shows signs of being a good Center, except for some miscue's on snaps. But if he continues to start, he will or should get better. Some people that can't even play football like to determine if someone is good or not. Most don't have a clue of what they are talking about. I am pleased with how he is playing. He will have bad games, Mathis and Freeney had bad games....But he is getting pressur
  9. I know what the guy was saying that he didn't have control or had put it away. He would be right if putting it away was his first move with the ball. To me, why the on the field Ref said it was a fumble, he caught the ball and as someone else said, for a step or so, he had put the ball away by having both hands tight on the ball, against his chest. He had complete control of the ball. When he decided to move the ball away from his chest, is when he lost it. Which is a fumble. Even Johnson knew it was a fumble.
  10. Losing to the Brown's at home, after you get a HUGE lead and then can't score again?
  11. My disappointments are the following: 1. Robert Mathis! Not only should he have known to have those drugs tested or approved, he then hurts himself while suspended. This is HUGE for the team. I have really felt he let us down on this. 2. LaRon Landry! Not for the reason's other have mentioned, I am actually a fan of what he does. Yes, he makes mistakes, show me a player that doesn't, but he isn't that bad. But he should not be using anything illegal like Mathis. Very disappointing. 3. Da'Rick Rodgers! Once again, given a great chance to play for our team. So disappointing.
  12. We didn't have sacks, but we had hits on the QB, maybe 1 second faster for a few of them would have been sacks. There weren't any sacks on Luck either, but they got pressure on him. Same with the Colts, we got some pressure on them.
  13. No, complain but stop calling for people's jobs. Just ridiculous in my opinion.
  14. It amazes me how fast people turn on their team. This thread proves all of that. Good grief. Go out and find that perfect team so you can be a band wagon fan! Oh wait, that is right, there is no such thing as a perfect team.
  15. My point was even they noticed we had some. smh And how many tackles for a loss did we have? 4 because our guys were in the backfield. Point is, we had pressure, not zero.
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