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  1. This season is going to be longer than i thought

  2. I make sure to have plenty of liquor when watching our games smh

  3. What's goin on man

  4. Ah gotcha. I went through 4 xbox 360s before they died on me. Heck I'm surprised I went through that many. I've just got my ps3 and wii now. oh well

  5. i inboxed you my gamer info

  6. Thoughts on our first roster depth chart?

  7. Nope, been using this username since well before PS3 came out. People ask me that all the time though.

  8. so you play warhawk on ps3?

  9. haha thx man yea i prolly won't go anywhere. The site just needs to fix all of these gateway timeout along with the other issues i've been having. but yea man i'll be around until we change sites again haha.
  10. Nick, You're one of the better posters we have here. Hope you stick around with that big 'ol juicy brain of yours brother.

  11. what do you think about the teams moves thus far

  12. I like your swagger :)

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