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  1. I figured it out! All 11 people on the defense will line up in this formation X X X X X X X X X X X....................lol they just line up in a giant L for the first ever "Luck" formation.
  2. I'm just debating how many flames to give this thread if/when we don't make an adjustment at half and get owned in the 2nd half. Only time will tell.
  3. nope my beer goggles are on just fine thank you very much lol
  4. hmmmm alright...I hope it involves pulling Lacey....if not it won't matter...5-10 yards a throw in Lacey's direction.
  5. any idea what type of new "scheme" we are working on? I bet we go back to our old stunts that didn't work like we did in pre-season...
  6. Please tell me you did not just say Donald Brown will have a big game against a pass rush...If there is a pass rush with "I make Brown" in there, Painter will get destroyed and our offense won't have much time on the field.
  7. As long as we have Caldwell and his coaching staff I feel we don't need to trade players in an attempt to "tank" the season. Our coaching staff will do it for us. I'm all about building for the future, but I would also like to see Peyton get one more ring...I don't see that happening if Mathis and Wayne are traded. It usually takes players a season-3 season to develop into their own. That will be when Peyton is on his decline. I say keep some of our studs in a chance to help Peyton get into the elite 2 ring+ club.
  8. Having fans that don't realize there are always fluctuations in performances due to injury, declining skills, lack of chemistry etc. is also embarrassing. We have just been spoiled with our steady performances since 1999. Things will look up in seasons to come.
  9. lol ima laugh if someone from the Bengals gets fired if they lose to us on Sunday.
  10. why so we can have our coach in the pro bowl seemingly every year because he reaches the conference championship but has never one the big game. No thx.
  11. Not unless we get the Ravens' defense, Raiders' running game, and he actually develops pocket awareness. Until then, we can do better...a whole lot better.
  12. lol Old Uncle Mark just proved to be Old Uncle senile mark.....wow where do I start? First...What player are you referring to that suggested we are attempting to throw games? Please provide a link or remove that statement from your post. Secondly, Snot nosed QB??? Why would you even insist on calling a College kid names??? Resorting to name calling to someone that has only played ball for his school....*in a Ditka voice" c'mon man. Third...integrity of the game? You do know this is one of the most class act organizations in the league right? We have an extremely low tolerance of any
  13. Not necessarily. In order to replace Luck for Peyton before his contract expires, Luck has to show us he is ready. Hughes has done nothing of the sort thus far in his career.
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