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  1. “As if he’s not busy enough scooping in the NFL, analyzing Bellator 194 (tomorrow, 9p) & being a pop... @JayGlazer hopped on @TikiAndTierney and told us that Andrew Luck’s shoulder is okay, but it’s his bicep that is the issue now #Colts” Thats from Tiki Barbers twitter account... Haven’t said much on the luck situation on here and I expect him to come back. However I’m ready to move on if he needs more surgeries.
  2. Patriots stuck it to the Colts haaaaaaard!!! I can’t wait for that Pats vs Colts matchup.... there’s gonna be some helmets flying.
  3. I think the colts released him because of John Simon... from what I hear he should be close to coming back.
  4. It baffles me how they keep Wilson in civvies...what happens if davis goes down during the game?
  5. When I read that i flipped my lid.. whoever makes that decision needs to be fired if that happens... choosing Pierre over Wilson is just insane.
  6. I partly blame that on coaching... example why on earth do the colts need 3 safeties in rotation?
  7. The defense does not suck, just bad playcalling.
  8. Where’s the “unlike thread” button when you need it...
  9. I’m not gonna hop on the Melvin bandwagon yet either... I still don’t think Melvin can cover as well as Wilson or Davis. I would not be surprised if he gets beat all up and down the field Sunday. No doubt he’s better than a lot of CBs but at best I think he’s a good backup.
  10. Knew this guy would pan out, his bull rush is no joke.
  11. Nah I can’t do that knowing there’s someone named pagano leading this team.
  12. I wonder if hooker gets the start over Butler....
  13. All the Colts need now is one good coverage/runstopping ILB and they are set on defense.... AL Woods and Hankins have been the anchors on this team so far, hopefully the Colts can look to bring in someone like AL Woods in next year but only younger to learn and take up the reigns when AL does leave.
  14. I always think its best to judge receivers when they dont have their star QB's who can make the great throws and whatnot. Its all great catching a ball thrown perfectly, but its a totally different story when they gotta catch balls not thrown too high or too low.Right now is the perfect time for Donte to prove his worth.
  15. And to think people think TY is a top 5 receiver lol.... Top 5 guys show up when they're needed most, not disappear.
  16. When I mentioned the Browns, I did so implying that although they have all their top 10 picks they are still poo
  17. Can't you only get 32nd if you've had one of the better seasons in the NFL? Outside of trading for it of course.. So yea every fan should want a 32nd pick. A whole lot of good it's done for teams like the Browns
  18. It has to be the secondary for me, if the secondary can do their job properly the Colts have a chance of winning this game.. Defense wins championships.
  19. The Colts are not tanking, cut it out with this silly talk (I'd use stronger words if I could)... You think Irsay will pay top dollar to see a guy sit on the bench while he's healthy? No player wants to do that either... The fact that fans think that way baffles me.
  20. I agree with all that, would be crazy if his father did that... All I'm saying is Andrew can and does discuss things he doesn't like with his dad.
  21. "If I had a question, he would answer it," the Colts QB recently told ESPN's Hannah Storm, "but he never muddied the line of coach and father. I appreciated that." So they do discuss football things, don't believe these articles.. I don't see his father telling him to not listen to his coach but there's no doubt they discuss football and other decisions.
  22. You're comparing guitar playing to football, played LB for my old high-school and so did my dad and you best believe he had tips and pointers especially during my senior year hoping for a scholarship. Luck may stick to financial stuff with his agent... Which is his uncle btw but he definitely talks about decisions with his dad... There's no doubt about that.
  23. Looking forward to seeing him on the field for a full game... Better him out there than Butler.
  24. Then I can guarantee you his father in some way or another helped him in football, it'd be crazy to not think so especially with the connections his father potentially had before he joined the nfl and as a rookie... It probably explains why he stayed with family when it came to picking his agent. Saying he has no history of his father helping him is a pretty bit over the top because you don't know that.
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