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  1. Luck will be drafted by indianapolis with the first pick. i hate to say it but all the owners care about is making money, regardless of winning or not. they tote the company line of "we need to rebuild this franchise and get back to winning" bla bla bla luck will put people in the stands for another 15 years and maybe the colts get luck-y and he turns out to be as good as everyone says he is. win-win for irsay.
  2. i hope you're not talking about vinatieri???? lol hes clutch , when it matters. playoffs, and thats all that matters. ........... i think it was a bad decision. this team is built to play behind the offense. you can't expect a bend but dont break defense to go out there and stop a team from getting first downs. you have to go for it in that situation. hence everytime we r up by three or less and the other team has the ball late....its guaranteed a fg or they are scring.
  3. in the last 15 years i can't remember a time the colts have ever been able to stop a qb sneak???? can anyone recall a time where they did get a stop on a qb sneak?
  4. it was the linemans fault........ijalana however brown didn't have anyone to block coming from the outside either so brown could have picked him up. but to let him have a clean release.....LINEMANS FAULT.
  5. how is this your only complaint??? my only complaint from the game was that the colts d did the sam thing they do everytime we play on the turf...play fast........and then if the offense doesn't score, the other team gets the ball with 1 minute left to kick a game iwnning fg. did that happen to us 4 times last year??? same old same old.
  6. idk about most of you guys but im always skeptical when our defense makes these plays on the turf. they are smalll and fast and the turf helps........id like to see them make plays on the grass and consistently on the road. as far as angerer goes, hes a much more physical linebacker than bracket and it shows in run defense, but he was a seriously liability in the passing game. on 3rd downs , teams are either throwing just over the mlb, under the mlb's vacated spot.....or right at lacey. lol we need to figure it out. fortunately he as a year to improve his pass coverage.
  7. i hope you dont believe any of that jibberish you just spilled out there........collins has done nothing in three games but stare down his receivers and keep colts fans praying heck complete at least one pass. the guy makes the wrong reads and only completes passes when theres a breakdown . painter went out there and showed command of the offense, calling audibles, looking confident, and getting the ball to the right guys. collins barely got hit on the "concussion" play you saw it. you also saw him throw a pass to a blanketed reciever in the flat on 3rd and 7 (i think that had more to do with
  8. agree....hes small and slow.....the only time he looks good is when nobody blocks him and he can make an open feild tackle. if theres a body on him heck never make a play (aside from a couple years ago where he broke up a screen play after shedding a block but thats 1/2034982394823948) hes a veteran, yes, and a smart player, but hes a liability just like jeff saturday.
  9. i've always been under the impression that shifting a te to one side is to help the o-lineman out in blocking a de by DOUBLE TEAMING HIM not letting a te, who is a weaker blocker in the first place just str8 go 1 on 1 with the 2nd best de in the league......... god this coaching staff is gonna get exploited so much these next couple weeks and this is why we complain in the preseason when everything looks like same old same old....run d is horrible pass protection horrible special teams horrible.
  10. yah real smart caldwell, take a timeout so kerry collins can get killed with a minute 30 left in the half. gl kerrry
  11. angerer is slow and can't tackle. not sure why hes in there, never liked him
  12. wow we had 10 guys in the box on 2nd down and they still go 4 yards. starting fili and a.johnson is not gonna cut it. getting mercked.
  13. did you read the article????? it says the hbot is used to decrease the inflammatory process and scarring , which would in essence help "clear the way" for the nerve to regenerate......thats not peytons problem......his problem is with his schwann cells lol aka the cells that help build his peripheral nerves. there is nothing he can do but wait it out and let his body do it on its own. freeneys problem was a sprained ankle that had lots of inflammation restricting the movement and causing pain......hbot would "work" in that case cause it would decrease the inflammation and it supposedly gave hi
  14. you really want to try experimental therapy on the franchise quarterback....i dont think so hyperbaric oxygen can sometimes do more harm then good . introducing sources of oxygen free radicals to nerves that are naturally regenerating doesn't seem like a good idea to me freeneys case was completely different. they used the increased amount of oxygen to decrease vascular permeability and thus decrease his inflammation. peytons problem is with nerve regeneration - his body has to do it on his own, thats why there is no timetable for his return. throwing in practice wouldn't help his cause so im
  15. do you read what u write????? those teams can still win 7 or 8 games.....this colts team without peyton manning would NEVER WIN A GAME! ever.
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