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  1. I don't understand what would be the difference in moving the date back vs just making a verbal agreement going through the motions of a "CUT" and then resigning?? I don't see why the "legal" thing is such a big deal and there is all this convo about it... If Irsay wants him here and he wants to be here... Cut him March 8th at noon and resign him on March 8th at 12:01 ... ??? What's the big deal???
  2. If he can't work it out with Irsay he WILL BE PLAYING SOMEWHERE ELSE... Yes it is going to happen... he isn't done by any means... he still has that drive and desire to rehab and play...this is obvious and shows... You delusional fans who think he is going to retire if he isn't a Colt need to wake up.... My man is playing... and with the way Irsay has did this last week I hope he goes somewhere and kicks the crap out of the Colts for the next 3 years...(while Luck grows and I love Luck and the Colts) LOL!
  3. I thought the same thing about the Texans game... Isn't that just freaking AMAZING! 0-10 and everyone complaining about the "NO TALENT ROSTER" ... if we were 9-1 what would they be saying??? LOL! You have to admit there have been many games where the "other talent" has played just fine and its been all about QB play and not being able to sustain drives is absolutely HUGE!!
  4. Have you seen the importance of QB play? It is EVERYTHING in this league. If the Raiders gave a 1 and a potential 1 (probably going to be a 2) .... but if they gave that for Carson Palmer... 3 number ones is probably a lock...
  5. The Colts record this year would be _________________????????? I say 8-2 ... Losing the Texans game(barely) and the Saints game. What is your answer?
  6. I never thought he would be good.. never wanted him... didn't like how he was just given the job by default....
  7. The notion that it would be 'stupid' to Draft Luck and let him sit ... is well... STUPID!... Even if Manning comes back healthy there is no guarantee he doesn't get blasted in the first game and reinjured ...there is no guarantee he is even the same at all... and he probably only has 3-5 years left... So with all those factors and the fact that the QB position is by far the MOST important position in football... It's been proven over and over that having an Good to Great QB makes you viable immediately ... Also with the new CBA the "affording it" really isn't a factor...because there is a rook
  8. I think the 'winning' philosophy in the NFL is "Have a great QB" and "Get after the opponents QB with 4 or less" ... If you have and can do those things you can win games with very mediocre talent at all the other positions... If Luck is there you have to take him for the future.... If not I think pass rush is a great place to focus...
  9. I was there.. it was raining right before I went into the stadium... I LIKE IT CLOSED!! lol
  10. They didn't give Collins any reps with the first string SKILL players last night... this to me signaled PEYTON WILL PLAY...
  11. Physically Micheal Johnson is a freak of nature ... He has the longest arms I've ever seen on a human being...lol I'm from Cincy... Costanzo was blocking him... Johnson was just reaching over him with his 50ft wingspan...Wouldn't worry about that too much....
  12. I think it may be time to seriously up the offer to Housh... You can already see they are going to need the depth...
  13. He was a second rounder they are not happy with it seems?? So no way they want or expect a 1 or 2...
  14. Yeah no first rounder...I wouldn't do that...
  15. I know this isn't a safety but I'd like Brent Grimes CB... think he is 'restricted' though isn't he?? Anyone have any info on that?
  16. Eagles don't have anyone at LB or Safety and Oline isn't great Vick covers it up
  17. Packers and Colts.... Why cause they kinda have the same philosophy... Grow and take care of your own talent... People seem to forget the Colts were 10-6 last year with everyone in the world hurt and 4 of those 6 losses were by like 4 points or less...if you include The loss to the Jets in playoffs which was one point ...5 out of 7 They are not as far off as all of these people wanting them to run out and sign every free agent known to man kind make it out to be...I don't get it?
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