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  1. Again with the senseless Manning bashing and barely concealed vitriol. Sorry, no matter how much you keep saying that doesn't make it true. I point to 2009, the year the Colts almost went undefeated (largely on the strength of Manning's 7 4th Q comebacks) despite breaking in 2 first year starters in Garcon (who was extremely raw) and rookie Austin Collie and playing behind an inferior OL (other than an over-the-hill Jeff Saturday, I challenge you to name any starters on that line and challenge you to tell me which of those are still in the league) while also being saddled with the last-ranked rushing attack in the league (from yards per attempt perspective) Manning also endured a devastating slew of injuries to the Colts in 2010 and made a star out of Blair White (who?) and after Dallas Clark went down, he turned lead-footed Tamme into a star (who had the most TE receptions in the league from the point he took over for Clark) while again also having the worst rushing attack in the league and one of the worst OLs of his entire tenure I'm sorry but you're spouting nonsense and it's kinda creepy how obsessed you are with continually insulting Manning with your ill-thought out opinions and assumptions, which you apparently have confused for fact And sorry, no one buys the "Brady has no weapons" myth because his current team is nowhere bereft of talent on offense. You have the league best TE (and possibly the most dominant in history), a great, tough-nosed slot WR who is doing everything Welker did, a decent #2 in LaFell who put up nice stats despite being on a run-heavy team with an inferior QB (the Broncos BTW actually had LaFell ranked higher than Sanders in their FA quest), Wright also led the league in rookie TE receptions despite playing on a dysfunctional team and a rookie QB. Not sure what's up with Amendola but he seemed to have alot more dominating success with Bradford and backup QBs throwing to him than Brady. Not to mention Brady has the benefit of a balanced rushing attack which steam-rolled the Colts in the play-offs as well as this year. Brady's team has demonstrated a remarkable resilience in being able to survive poor play at the QB position (look up the Pats record when he has a QB rating below 90 and how often the Pats win vs when Manning has an off-day) There is absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever that Manning wouldn't be able to get the most out of a competent supporting cast - while I don't subscribe to the myth that Manning "makes" his receivers, he certainly has proven time and time again and again in his career that he has demonstrated ability to get the best out of a receiver's abilities and put them into position to succeed. Your pathetic jab at Manning only demonstrates your skewered agenda and complete lack of credibility in the face of facts over a 15 year Hall of Fame career
  2. He leads the team in QB hits and pressures We've seen this before when his stat-line doesn't reflect his impact on the game eg 2006 where his sack total was low but his presence was felt
  3. Since he's joined Denver they're 4-1 against them During the previous stretch I think they were 5-2 and with different faces. Stephen Cooper used to have Manning's number as a signal caller on D and they had Merriman, Olshansky, Jamaal Williams, Shaun Phillips, Jammer, Cromartie. That 2004 Charger team was a nightmare match-up I'm glad the Colts never had to test in the play-offs I'm surprised the Broncos have made a switch at RT and benched Chris Clark ...Freeney is probably licking his chops right now
  4. Can't believe this hasn't been talked about more http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2234761-did-tom-brady-flop-in-thursday-night-game-vs-jets Come on seriously? That's really, really pathetic
  5. Thanks, that makes sense. Haven't been here in a long time Kind of pathetic to be trolling another team's message board after an emotional game like that
  6. Did you just become a Colts fan a year ago? I bet you weren't saying this a few years ago when he was our QB If you think Manning choked then you clearly know little about football
  7. Rex will not be fired - Tannenbaum will be the fall guy for this season and if they have any sense they'd fire Sporano and the QB coach Matt Cavanaugh too - Cavanaugh who's groomed successful QBs like Eric Kramer, Elvis Grbac, Trent Dilfer, Jeff Blake, Kyle Boller and Anthony Wright I think Ron Rivera's made enough progress on the D (which was ranked dead last the year he took over) to keep him around, but it's clear he is in the Rex Ryan category of offensive ignorance so Chudzinski will probably get fired Garrett will probably keep his job because Jerry Jones probably won't want to admit he made a mistake The rest I agree with, although I wouldn't be surprised if Gailey kept his job, even though he deserves to be fired. Predict Reid ends up in Cleveland because of all the familar faces there ..Brad Childress, Joe Banner and ties to Holmgren, Shurmur etc. and the fact current offense is already a West Coast offense
  8. Did anyone see NFL Sound FX last night with Peyton wired for sound against the Panthers? How come we never saw that Peyton Manning as much in Indianapolis? Giving pep talks, coaching up the entire offense, addressing everyone, running over to the D as it gets off the field congratulating them, cheering them on from the sidelines, genuine enthusiasm and joy (never seen him so giddy over the play of his D during a press conference as after that game) We rarely saw this level of involvement and leadership on a week-to-week basis during his days in Indy
  9. Wasn't much was just the flashes of Polian that came out Started with Polian arguing about Tebow reminds him of John Riggins and Skip scoffed at the idea that they're anything alike (which I agree with) and that it's also an insult to Tebow because it's another back-handed insult at him not being able to play QB, but Polian was adamant and insisted Tebow has legitimate skills for a RB on tape Skip then started his usual diatribe of how Tebow could be a successful QB in the NFL and went on his usual Tebow rant for 5min, then Polian said he can't win football games because he isn't a good passer etc. etc. Skip keeps talking over him then Polian has enough and raises his hands above the desk demonstratively "HEY!" to silence Skip (which he quickly does) then the hands point at himself "I got paid to win games right?" then they traded arguments with Polian sounding irritated for half of it Wasn't much ..just in those brief instances you could see some of the old Bill we all know and love
  10. Oh on the contrary, I love the old guy - sorry if my post sounded snarky as that wasn't the intent, I'm fond of Polian in a Bob Knight sort of way and sad he's gone simply because I miss that era and can't believe how long ago it feels like already And let's be real, the guy was notorious for being boorish, from run ins with Jets employees, to being condescending, rude and confrontational on his radio show to callers then there's the various grumblings over the years about the culture at Colts HQ Phil Wilson alludes to some of that http://www.stampedeb...-of-terror-ends
  11. Anyone watch First Take today where it sort of got a little uncomfortably heated between Bill and Skip while they were arguing over Tim Tebow? Polian's done a remarkable job of creating his media personality - polite, engaging, diplomatic and tactful ..as opposed to how we remember him really being But I smiled when I saw a flash of the familar Polian we remember as Colts fans, Polian's manufactured smile faded and his demeanour changed for an instance to his old boorish self and as if he was berating an employee, but to Skip's credit he wasn't intimidated Polian's media-senses returned and he broke out the fake smile and Dr.Jekyll reasserted itself but it was awesome and nostalgic seeing that, knowing at heart he's still the same old crank
  12. True, just look at Tim Jennings and how many impact plays he's already made for the Bears
  13. The Denver receivers aren't very good ...I'm sorely disappointed in them. Decker has stone hands and while he runs good routes, he can't get any separation Demaryius Thomas is all potential right now - he also has stone hands ands is an inconsistent route runner, but at least he flashes big play potential. Stokley is great but he is old yella at this point ..that TD grab he hauled in had barely any separation from the defender and was the tiniest of windows. They need to start working Andre Caldwell into the line-up he is the fastest receiver on the team and is the guy most capable of getting open down the seams for those passes Peyton loves Those TEs are garbage - they need one of the developmental TEs to step up because Tamme and Dressel are both backup quality TEs
  14. Yeah, drop your second best pass rusher Dumerveil into coverage on the play that decides the game ...real smart
  15. God even that TD to Stokley was TINY Seems like I grossly overrated Decker ..guy is awful. No separation and terrible hands I thought Peyton having two 6'3 receivers would help him at the twilight of his career I think they need to start working Andre Caldwell into the line-up ...I love Stokley but he should only be insurance at this point The TEs are HORRIBLE in Denver ...kinda knew the Tamme signing would be a bust. Even in his breakout season in 2010, it was as a 4th option and he still averaged less than 10 yards a catch
  16. No one is getting open, none, nada. Doubled to the outside. Where is Tamme and Dressen? They're playing 2 TE base yet they're doing NOTHING They're only giving themselves 2 downs to get a 1st down with a wasted running play that gets 0 each time
  17. What does arm strength have to do with the INTs he threw last night? Those INTs were mental errors, playing too fast and not seeing the post-snap alignment eg safeties rotating over to the vacated areas he thought were open pre-snap. Manning historically has been less effective against Ds that can effectively take away his pre-snap reads which is his biggest advantage but not every D has the coordinator, personnel and scheme to pull off that style of D His arm strength looked fine, he maybe lost 2mph or so off his throws as evidenced last week on Sunday Night Football but still had plenty of mustard to complete those deep outs
  18. Even if their secondary isn't that great their schemes made it such that Peyton never had a chance to make the right pre-snap read to exploit them Remember 2004 when the Pats were down Ty Law and starting Troy Brown and we still couldn't take advantage of them in the snow because of all the multiple fronts Romeo Crennel showed? Nolan did the same tonight
  19. I loved it because sadly, it won't happen too often. Having said that, does it seem that BB has been hiding Gostowski from "clutch situations" the majority of his career since they let us have Vinatieri? Even in the 2007 Superbowl, they'd rather go for it on 4th and long than test Gostowski Maybe he's another Nate Kaeding
  20. My bad, sorry didn't realize that I'm just mad frustrated and heart broken right now I don't care that #18 isn't the Colts QB anymore ..put me firmly in the camp that hasn't moved on yet, I'll root for him through thick and thin and make no apologies about it Peyton made us what we were for a decade and I'll be darned if I ever root against him, short of playing against us If the Broncos win a Superbowl, it's because they played with the heart of a Colt!!!!
  21. Frankly, some of you disgust me - talking about Peyton Manning as though he was just any other "former-Colt", where is the loyalty to the player that built this franchise to what it is today? Even though he wears a different uniform, he is still a Colt at heart (especially the way he runs that offense) if you casually dismiss him then you are casually dismissing a decade of excellence. As for the game, Manning has always struggled with DCs who took away his pre-snap read eg Crennel, Riviera, Nolan ...what annoys me is they throw the kitchen sink at him one week, then the next they go back to their old same, vanilla selves and look completely beatable ...why don't they play this way every week for every QB? Argh!!!! I hate to say it but I don't think Peyton is mentally strong right now .. he doesn't have faith in himself physically and now it looks like he doesn't have faith in what he sees
  22. Remember these are action shots ...they have a way of portraying things unnaturally and bizarrely. There's no doubt he's lost some weight but the fact he's freely throwing like that is a great sign. I wonder what sort of pitch-count he's on right now and how effective is he making the more difficult throws such as deep outs. I hope Manning rides off into the sunset the way Elway did
  23. I agree - on the long throw to Wayne we had Edge wide-open underneath for the check down for a first down and more. I vaguely remember there being concern that year (please correct me if I'm wrong), about Vanderjagt on long FGs attempts - with the coaches that year opting to punt in many of those situations rather than trust Vanderjagt, even though statistically he was extremely accurate in those situations. But for it to come down to a 46 yarder on the leg of a mentally fragile kicker who's already proven to be unreliable in those situations (even the chipshot game winner against Tampa Bay required 2 attempts and a seldom invoked, obscure rule to bail him out) was unecessary ..but then I guess Peyton might've been thinking - this is a golden opportunity, we don't deserve to even be in this game, let's make sure we don't give them an opportunity and get out of here with a win ..one of those situations where if it works it's a great call, if it doesn't then well ...
  24. You are of course, correct and I admit I, like all of us, am biased - but at the same time I feel that an EXTREMELY strong argument would've been made had Peyton done it. The first perfect season with regular season MVP and possibly Superbowl MVP with a statistically strong play-off run with 7 4th Q comebacks along the way ...that might've been the greatest season for a QB ever in terms of accomplishments - all things no other QB has ever done before. At the very least it'd be a dagger in the Manning vs Brady debate In hindsight, I'm not so upset we lost in 2005 because I don't think any of us was expecting to win it all in 2006 given how atrocious and HISTORICALLY BAD the run D was - not to mention that I don't think we would've beaten San Diego that year IN San Diego either, so I feel like that balances out. Having said that I was just in a catatonic state of shock that year ...I imagine Packers fans from this recent season would know the same pain. Also, I don't blame Vandershank for losing that game, because I never felt we ever should've even been in a position to tie that game in the first place - we played wretchedly for the most part and only started moving the ball after the Steelers started letting up a little, not to mention that the over-turned INT by Manning was one of the worst play-off calls I've ever seen and should've sealed the game earlier. For Bettis to fumble in that situation was like a deus ex machina - the fact we couldn't even take advantage of a miracle just reinforced the fact it just wasn't our year that year when it seemed like it should've been
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