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  1. NFL Network just continues to get worse and worse. used to be my favorite network.
  2. Hughes was terrible his entire time here. regardless of how he's playing now, letting him walk was a no-brainer. much like Tim Jennings.
  3. I give the Colts maybe a 35-40% chance to win.. I'm going with 38-24 Pats
  4. Whalen is an accident waiting to happen.
  5. if we do cut him, we definitely have to go after a good interior lineman either in FA or high in the draft.
  6. Brady always has that smirk when he complements other players
  7. who is this joker? every post is another facepalm
  8. you apologize as if we care about your opinion
  9. the 07 D with the hit squad secondary in Sanders/Bethea/Hayden/Jackson was really a special unit. damn shame that Freeney got hurt because that was the best Colts D I've ever seen.
  10. these are not the Steelers anyone is used to seeing. they are a 'phony' 4-3 right now.. they are a below average team. only reason they have a chance Sunday is because they're at home. Colts 27 Steelers 17 edit: pretty pathetic resume if you ask me.
  11. Colts 23 Bengals 17 they're a good team with or without Green.
  12. someone with his quickness and insane route running ability is a corner's nightmare.
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