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  1. Come on Heat don't lose to the broken Celtics. I hate Boston sports :(

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    2. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      Well it looks like it's going back to Miami. Well with a little help I'm sure Miami will win that one.

    3. Blackhawk4


      The Lebron Heat vs Boston Celtics....This sort of makes me wonder why LeBron left Cleveland for this when he basically has to do it by himself on offense and defense instead of Cleveland where it was just on Offense haha.

    4. CCH


      wow LeBron James just isn't human. Wade and Bosh need to step it up but I like our chances game 7! If we make it to the Finals the Thunder will be a really tough opponent. Go Heat!

  2. Without Bosh we're depleted. The Heat will still probably win this series, but I'm only because I'm assuming Wade won't play this bad again. If he does, we're toast. Go Heat....

  3. Sorry Pacer fans but the MVP is coming to Indy, and he means business!

    1. BrentMc11


      That is OK....he will be bruised and banged up if/when the Heat move on.....fly in on West and Hansborough you may be flying into the stands. This will be a series the Heat will want to forget. Assuming they get by the East competition, The Spurs or Thunder will be rested and the Heat banged up!! Sometimes amazing the Heat sometimes play better without Wade.....

    2. CCH


      I agree that this will be a tougher series than the Knicks and it may be our toughest in the East because Philly isn't ready to compete with us and Boston will be out of gas if they advance, but whoever advances in the West is going to be beat up. I could see every series going to 7 with the Spurs, Thunder, Lakers and even the Grizzlies or Clippers being extremely close in talent. The Heat will probably be the ones who will be rested and motivated, and are 100% the favorites to win the Fi...

    3. BrentMc11


      CCH: Good stuff....I will not be surprised to see flagrant fouls galore in the Heat/Pacer series....Pacers have the only 'knock down' physical team left. One might argue Boston....old does not count. Miami, OKC and San Antonio....only 3 teams.....Spurs efficiency is so smooth....gonna be fun!!!

  4. The Florida Panthers are in the NHL Playoffs! Whoa!!! And Dwight Howard is a jerk....

  5. I'm pretty sure Cleveland won't win a championship before LeBron, but the whole personal guarantee makes it intriguing to watch. I want to see Gilbert's reaction

  6. Cleveland is not winning a championship before LeBron no matter what happens. Kyrie Irving might not have been a top 5 pick in any other draft, this one was weak. They'll probably be irrelevant for at least another decade.

  7. Yeah, hopefully they have a better record this year. I'm interested to see how Cleveland does. They had a good draft and I want to see what becomes the outcome of Dan Gilbert's guarantee that the Cavs win a championship before LeBron

  8. They did, but I don't know if they can get the 8 seed this year by being 8 games under .500 was it? Teams like New Jersey, Washington and Cleveland are bound to improve.

  9. The Pacers did way better under Vogel than under O'Brien. I'm hoping they just keep improving. The talent is certainly there with guys like Granger, Collison, Hibbert and Hansbrough

  10. Pacers are an interesting team...I root for them when they're not playing the Heat because they are an Indy team. They seem to have the talent and they just need a coach that can put it together. I thought for sure they would go after Rick Adelman because imo Granger and Hansbrough would thrive in his offense. I hope they do well but this year they're going to have to be over .500 for t...

  11. Yeah, Wade and LeBron are too similar. Wade or LeBron with Howard and Bosh would be nuts. Personally, my NBA loyalties are with the Pacers. They are at least a playoff team now and Vogel seems to have them playing way better than before. We couldn't beat the Bulls, but each game was close and came down to the final few mins. Collison getting injured hurt though

  12. multiple championships.. hmmph the character limit is annoying lol maybe I'll start up the NBA Thread again soon even though there's a lockout. It would be really cool to have a separate NBA/MLB/NCAA section though haha

  13. Trading Bosh really wouldn't do anything because of he's the guy who can actually compliment LeBron/Wade. LeBron and Wade haven't really both dominated the same game because they play the same way. If anything, LeBron getting traded. IMHO Wade/Bosh/Howard or LeBron/Bosh/Howard is better than Wade/LeBron/Bosh. But I just want to stick with this big 3 because I know they'll win mu...

  14. I love Steve Nash. I really don't like the Heat, but if Nash signs with them, I'll be rooting for them in secret...

    I just heard rumors about Bosh, I don't know how legit they are. People were saying that Lebron and Wade treat it as a 2 man show rather than a trio and that Bosh would be good trade bait. Bosh did well in the playoffs though

  15. get Dwight Howard out of it which isn't going to happen either.

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