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Titans @ Colts, October 31, 2021, 1:00 PM EDT


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4 minutes ago, John Waylon said:

When was the last time Taylor carried the ball?


4 minutes ago, IndySouthsider said:

Run the damn ball


3 minutes ago, chickenMan said:

Does JT not exist anymore, or...?


2 minutes ago, cgi4life said:

Run the damn ball


1 minute ago, Nesjan3 said:

Why does Taylor have like 2 or 3 carries in the second half, Frank is at it again I just dont get it. 


1 minute ago, IinD said:

Can we run the * ball for a bit please...


Frank thought he'd change things up since the last TN.. Instead of giving JT 2 carries in the first half, he though he'd give him 2 carries in the second half......


Total fake out.... 

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