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Titans @ Colts, October 31, 2021, 1:00 PM EDT


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2 minutes ago, throwing BBZ said:


  He does something wrong about every other play. Dumb football.

 Trade him or cut him.

I agree. He makes too many mistakes and doesn’t give us any production in return. This was a bad call by the refs, though. Tannehill was running, no penalty in my opinion. 

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2 minutes ago, chickenMan said:

That’s such nonsense when the QB is running forward like that

Exactly. So, if a QB is outside of the pocket running forward, you can't tackle him from behind? It makes sense if you hit him below the knees coming at him from the front. Zero sense from behind.

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Just now, EastStreet said:

Wouldn't totally take focus off him, because we'd play Tannehill shallow anyway. 

What I'd do personally is stop giving up so much freaking cushion... 


I can take the zone getting picked apart as that's more to do with the rush, but yeah just giving up the short yards time and time again..

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