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Colts Vs. Ravens Monday Night Football Preseason Game Thread


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Luck has really rocketed some passes to Doyle.  I think the one he threw to Grant as well fooled him.  He’s probably like “I’m sure as heck not used to him throwing like that in practice.”  While Luck hasn’t looked great by any means some of these balls are rockets.

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9 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

These decisions still affect the outcome of the game though. Lots of games are decided by 3 points. The difference between a win and loss can be 3 points, same with a loss or a tie. We can't afford to make those mistakes in the regular season when our defense is so young.

Nice catch Doyle!

I think the wr gave up on the play may have even went out of bounds. Had he continued he would have been in position to make a play. I agree 3 points can be the difference in a win or lose but settling on field goals isn't a winning formula in my book either!

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