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  1. What exactly did KC win under Dorsey?? and Believeland looking like dreamteam 2.0
  2. Dude looks like a Ballard guy https://www.nfl.com/prospects/anthony-nelson?id=32194e45-4c11-5040-c7a6-234521681d54
  3. Wow This guy is so underrated He is clearly the best QB in the draft by far watch him light it up
  4. They seem to smile alot even when they are playing really bad
  5. As long as he keeps winning I don't care what he does
  6. Houston has never been the same since his injury... Ford has been clutch this year though
  7. How bout ‘Stone hands’ Ebron ?
  8. We kept the Texans D on the field to end the half though - thus adding to their Saturday evening workout. The key was to run out the clock and not have a turnover. If they ran the 2 minute drill and turn it over momentum would have shifted.
  9. We match up well... we have a fast fluid defense that relies on zone so the deep balls to tyrekekek shouldn’t be an issue. KC defense is terrible and they don’t have Kareem hunt anymore. Dont forget Mahomes is in his second year. Everyone said Watson loves the big stage but he choked up in the playoffs. Regular season doesn’t matter in the playoffs
  10. The preseason game against Seattle this board was calling for him to be cut pleasant surprise
  11. Alex22


    Tbh if they traded up ..... ...... there would be less Grigson busts RG3 might have been great if he didn’t injure his knee. Feel for the guy
  12. The blitz in the fourth quarter where Luck held the ball quite a while. It was the rookie Giants LB coming through the B gap. Mack chop blocked him but he got up and pulled Luck down.
  13. Jaguars may feast on some Deshaun Watson on Sunday.
  14. Earlier in the year Luck played in the link Weather wasn’t great Luck appeared to have trouble This game was outside
  15. He is v v slow. adams is better Leonard got abused at times
  16. He is a great safety for his defense. His presence lifts the team. When does a push up he...
  17. Walker has dropped soooo many ints, hope he works on his hands while he is out.
  18. Rank 1 Right after AL12 hoists the Lombardi for Super Bowl 53 following his MVP award and Super Bowl MVP award and drives his corvette out the stadium and into next season red hot.
  19. Ok, however inside backers are typically set up closer to the line and play inside the DEs... whereas OLBs are usually lined up outside the tackles or ends (like in a 3-4, 46, or 4-4). It can be confusing since the SAM/MIKE/WILL names are widely applied to both
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