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6 minutes ago, JCPatriot said:


CBs get the 3rd quarter off if we have a halftime lead.  It's party of the motivational strategy.


If you have Amazon Prime then mute the TV volume.


Open the Amazon Music app. Search Stations for the All Blues. Press play. 


It helps to cope with the second half blues. 

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19 minutes ago, IndyNismoZ said:


This ^^^^


I do not post much I know. I research and learn everything I can via this forum though. 


That being said, the amount of NEGATIVITY towards our team by "OUR FANS" is crazy. We do anything positive and the next 12 posts are but but but. But what? Celebrate your team, have their back, no matter what the past is. It can not be changed. Today is today. Be a REAL FAN and act like yesterday did not happen. We preach when a player gets owned they have to be forgetful. Forget they got owned and get back to form 15 seconds later for the next play. 


News flash my friends, that's what we have to do as fans. Good Lord. Like elementary school in here. Pointing fingers and crap. 


Before anyone fires back with but but but..... I have been a fan for 1000 years, I am from the 50's kid, it's all this guy or that guys fault, replies just know that we all see what you see. Wether a fan for a day or 1000 years. A fan is a fan. This is our team. Rep them proudly through thick and thin.... NO EXCUSES. 

Feel the same way even though I am a lot younger

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