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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • What kind of sideline stars you you think he will prioritize, profile wise?  Trait wise?  Body type.   I see every indication that he values WRs with straight line speed and maybe height more than lateral wiggle.   Something more like an Arians type of down the field post or hook WR than a crossing route wiggly WR.  Agreeing that route running ability and hands are priorities, I see speed and height and even physicality being valued more than wiggle.   I see edge DEs as prioritizing rotational/situational players and not so much 3 down players.  The 3T being the steady 3 down player.   None of this is bad, or the wrong identity, just observations for others to consider.   I'm not sure what he prioritizes in CBs.  I think he sees length as very important.   I think having players with certain traits or skills dictates what a team can do well, and not do so well.  And I think a lot of teams stick to a steady philosophy...KC and BALT coming to mind.   I'm not exactly sure where the traits I think Ballard values results in what identity.  I think it seems more traditional than innovative, not that its a bad thing, but I think it matters as far as what kind of team we expect to see.
    • I would of thought they did the right thing and got the wrong result. That's different. As long as we used all 3 QBs throughout the year and learned everything we could from them, I would be fine from it, especially since we would be in position again to draft a top QB and dump Kelly and probably Eason at that point.   As a blackjack card counter and poker player, I have a saying. "It's not about what result you get, it's about continuously making the right play every time and things will work out over a long sample size." It's about creating positive EV (expected value). That's how you win. Ballard is doing that through other positions in the draft very well and we have a solid team mostly. Now he needs to do it through the QB position in every way possible and hope things sort themselves out.
    • My bad, I thought CEH was taken later in round 2.    I still think considering the trade up, and the fact that straight ahead Mack wasn't offered a contract, he valued/needed straight ahead JT more than CEH.  He probably would have still taken Pittman if CEH was on the board.  
    • Bend Dnt Break same things it's been since Colts been Coltin' 
    • I'm curious, if the front office decided to go this route and we started 0-4, with Eason/Kelly/draftedQB, do you think you would be happy that they're taking their bumps or would your mental health suffer from it?   I guess just be careful what you ask for.
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